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Samsung as the Dominant Player in the Android-based Tablet Market

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Have you noticed that in recent years there are almost no Android-based tablets manufactured by prominent technology companies? In other words, it’s not that there are no wavy or tablet product launches, but in the end, Apple managed to effectively control the tablet market with their superior iPads and became the default type for those looking for a tablet. But there is one company that refuses to give up the Android-based tablet market. I took the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, its latest and most sophisticated tablet, to see if it is just an enlarged Galaxy device, or a tablet worthy of everything.

Once I first picked up the Tab S6, I was surprised by the relatively lightweight (about 420 grams) and its tightness. While it has respectable margins, the device you need to hold with your hands most of the time doesn’t have many choices. Like almost every Samsung device, the real star here is the screen. This is a 10.5-inch Super AMOLED 2560 × 1600 resolution and 287ppi pixel density (and support for Samsung’s HDR10 and HDR10 +). This screen, not surprisingly in Samsung’s case, is just wonderful. The colors are accurate and pleasant, all the details are crisp and just huge fun to watch in movies and videos. On the one hand, because it’s an OLED screen, it’s even richer than the iPad Pro screen, but on the other hand it doesn’t have the 120Hz refresh rate on the iPad Pro that makes it the king of the screens, and I think it’s time for Samsung to get there too.

Its enjoyable content on Tab S6 is also responsible for its speakers, and there are no less than 4 of them. They are simply excellent, with excellent maximum volume that does not distort or ruin the sound and even supports Dolby Atmos (not that it means a lot). I was just surprised at the sound quality which is rich and pleasant to watch both videos and games. in brief? If you plan to watch it on Netflix and YouTube a lot, you are going to have a lot of fun.

Compared to the great speakers, I couldn’t help but be disappointed by the fact that this tablet doesn’t have a standard headphone connection. Seriously, Samsung? What’s the excuse? Removing a headset connection gives way to a giant tablet We have not yet recovered from the Note 10 and are you already taking another hit?

Removing a universal headphone connection isn’t the only thing Samsung is borrowing from its Galaxy series. This time Samsung has embedded the fingerprint sensor under the screen, because 2019, but unfortunately is not the most successful, and is not even the ultrasonic sensor of the new Galaxy devices, but a pretty standard optical sensor. If you’re having trouble finding the reader’s exact location on a smartphone, this tablet becomes even more complicated and awkward. The sensor is not fast enough, not big enough and not comfortable enough. barely enough.

I got the tab for testing with the Samsung S Pen, the smartpen. It’s not exactly the pen you can find on the Note devices, but its an enlarged version. Instead of storing it inside the device body like smartphones, you can put the pen on the back of the tablet for charging and storage. And I write ‘can’ because that doesn’t always happen. The stylus is not flat and symmetrical, which means that you need to place it at exactly the right spot and in the right direction for it to catch on the back of the device, and it will not happen every time you try to place it without looking at the back of the device and pen. It is very convenient for cases where you need to charge it wirelessly, but not as suitable as a pen storage space when you are not using it. The Tab’s commercials will show you how Samsung removes the tablet along with the pen from your bag, but in practice, almost every touch will drop the pen and leave it in your bag. in brief? Better case.

Just like the Notebook S Pen, it’s either you know you want and need it, or you don’t have much to do with it. Samsung reports that the pen has 4,096 different pressure stages so you can draw it just like a real painting tool. But I don’t settle for marketing statements, so I let my wife, who is also an animator and illustrator, fiddle a bit with the Tab S6 and pen, and the feedbacks were impressive.

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She says the tip of the S Pen is very successful in combination with the glass attached to the panel, leading to a very successful drawing experience that ‘feels like you’re drawing right on the screen,’ she said. In contrast, for example, the Apple iPad and the pen we bought, however successful, feel like you’re painting on the glass that protects the panel. However, she pointed out that the flat pen structure forces her to hold the pen in a very specific, and not very comfortable way (compared to Apple’s fully rounded pen). Also, the Palm Rejection that should make sure that your hand sitting on the screen doesn’t cause problems, is sometimes a bit fake and absorbed as a scribble in the drawing apps. And if we’ve already talked about hands, then as long as the pen is near the screen in drawing alert, if you try to touch other buttons with your finger (for example, to undo something you drew), you will find that you must lift the pen and hand off the screen to hold the multitouch to action . Not problems that you can’t live with or workaround, but ones that are worth a quick fix.

But since it is hard to excite consumers with the same successful features, some gimmicks are also on the way: If you pull out the pen while watching videos, for example, you can rattle your notes in the note app while watching it semi-transparently on the video. Like the latest S Pen s in the Notebook series, this pen also supports Bluetooth, which means you can use the button on it (which is not quite annoyingly comfortable) for various actions like sliding or turning music on and off, as well as supporting gestures in the air so You can wave the pen from a distance and control the elements on your tablet. Unless you need it, this feature is pretty gimmicky and I doubt you’ll use it more than once.

Since the first tablet was introduced, there has been some sort of attempt to make the tablets a laptop replacement, and as time goes on we get closer, but none of the various manufacturers seem to really have a tablet that fulfills all the functions of a laptop, or a laptop that fulfills all the functions of a tablet. I wanted to see if Samsung managed to crack anything on the way to this destination, but unfortunately, at this point, Samsung is not marketing the dedicated keyboard cover to the new Tab in Israel. This cover should make it a lot, but much more useful with full keys and even a trackpad. With the same keyboard case, you can push a button to Samsung’s desktop-like DeX mode, while making this tablet a more desirable replacement for a laptop, and perhaps give the much-needed legitimization to DeX, which Samsung seems to be converting quite a bit.

Although I never understood the need for sophisticated photo sets on tablets, Samsung fitted the new tab with a dual (!) Photo frame that includes a standard 13MP sensor lens and an ultra-wide lens with a 5MP sensor. In my life, I can’t think of too many reasons why you would want to take photos or videos with such a large device (other than scanning and signing documents with the pen), but hey, someone seems to be using it. Have health.

Inside the Tab S6 awaits your specifications that don’t shy away from a flagship smartphone device that is simple with a smartphone specification: a Snapdragon 855 processor with 6 or 8 gigabytes of RAM, and even great pleasure in supporting storage capacity with an SD card. This is a huge advantage on the iPad and a great bonus that does not force you to pay a few hundred more just for fear that the storage volume will fill you. It is very convenient when you want to fill the tablet with children’s content before the trip or simply to take one more headache.

The Tab S6 manages to work with pretty much anything you throw at it, whether it’s heavy games or even multitasking in a few windows, I haven’t encountered too many stuttering or bugs that haven’t resolved a quick burst. In short, it works just as you would expect from a Galaxy device, for better or worse. And the reason I’m saying this is because the Tab S6 also runs Samsung’s ONE UI, which is wonderfully enhanced over previous versions of Samsung software, but it’s still packed with apps and sub-menus that won’t necessarily suit everyone (and Bixby. Oh my god, what will With you Bixby?). But if you already own any Galaxy device, you’ll feel right at home.

The Tab S6 is simply a proper Android tablet, a Galaxy proper tablet, and a proper tablet. point. It is not cheap, with a starting price of NIS 3,199 for the WiFi version or NIS 3,499 for the 4G version, but you do get the S-Pen with no extra charge (as opposed topenApple Pencil, for example). While I haven’t come to the point that I can say whether it can be a replacement for a laptop (and I can only guess that it doesn’t), it did make me go back to believing in the need for Android tablets. It does not have too many compromises or things that feel unworthy, and it manages to give Fayette, not at all bad for an iPad pro that dominates the field by hand.

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