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Review of Andy Weir's Book ‘The Martian’

In the book ‘The Martian’ by Andy Weir, the story is told from a perspective of a person named Mark Watney and he is stranded on the planet Mars all alone. The reason he is stranded is because there was storm that made the crew decide to evacuate Mars; in the process of the evacuation Mark gets knocked out and his crew must leave without him. In the book he is grappling to survive and must figure out how to...
2 Pages 825 Words

Never Give Up: Reflection Essay on Pursuing My Dreams

I grew up in Edmond, Oklahoma, which has such an amazing community, where there are so many people who have helped me learn and grow, especially my family. I have always been empowered to do my best, and this has helped me accomplish the highest standards I can. My mother raised me, my brother, and my sister on her own for the first ten years of my life. My mother is the most hardworking person I have ever met, and...
1 Page 489 Words

Never Give Up To Achieve Success: My Story in Gymnastics

Everyone has a passion whether it’s big or small. My number one passion is gymnastics. Gymnastics is a fun and very serious sport at sometimes. You can also receive a chance to meet new people. Statistics show that over 5,000 people do gymnastics to have something fun to do. By doing this sport you will most likely never be bored. So being able to have gymnastics as a passion means that you like to be active. I started gymnastics when...
1 Page 386 Words

Reflective Essay on the Most Inspirational Person Who Teaches: Never Give Up

Before walking into science class on the first day of 7th grade, I thought science was a laborious and foreign subject. Having no knowledge or insight of the year ahead, I was extremely apprehensive to walk into class and meet the instructor. I was frightened that she would be strict and unforgiving, and make the subject more confusing than it already was. All of my fears and misconceptions about science disappeared into thin air when I met Mrs. Spaeny. From...
2 Pages 994 Words

Never Give Up Hope and Never Give Up Yourself: Argumentative Essay

The last leaf I learn two important ideas from《the last leaf》written by O Henry. In the story, Johnsy, Sur and Behrman are friends. When johnsy was sick, she thought she would die when the last leaf fell. She give up all the hope, then Behrman give her hope. As a 11 year international student, I learn never give up hope and never give up yourself. The first important idea I learned was never to give up hope. In this story,...
2 Pages 799 Words

Critical Analysis of Hidden Figures: Never Give Up

In today’s society, there is justice in the world, but the injustice for the black race has had a negative impact on the lives of African American people. Injustice in the form of racial discrimination has affected African Americans through misrepresentation only because their skin colour is not white, being socially segregated separating them from the privileges of white people. (reason 3). The authors and directors have shown this form of injustice throughout their film and novel. Hidden Figures directed...
2 Pages 1100 Words

Arguments For and Against the Motto: Never Give Up

The end has happened there is nothing to do. Or anything to be done. Lying there wondering what is there to be done, or anything at all to do in life anymore. Just me and life. thinking and thinking there is nothing to do everything is boredom. I’m completely alone full stop wishing there is something that I could do. only if there was someone so close to me to be here right now by my side to cheer me...
1 Page 478 Words

Never Give Up: Critical Analysis of “Southpaw” - Movie about The Success or Defeat

“Southpaw”, in other words, the left hand. The unmissable dramatic sport story movie of Billy Hope, by Antoine Fuqua, in 2015. This movie highlights the performances of Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams, Oona Laurence, Forest Whitaker, Curtis “50 cents” Jackson, and a lot of other actors. According to Camden Francis on the site IMDb, for two hours and five minutes the author give us a beautiful story and lesson of life. A story of ‘a champion boxer [Billy Hope] fight to...
4 Pages 1709 Words

Carpe Diem In Dead Poets Society

¨You must strive to find your own voice because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are going to find it at all¨. In movie Dead Poet Society it depicticates a great story and point of view of teens in a prestigious academy and they have to find themselves while in the strict and strenuous academy. The story shows how important it is to find yourself and be who you want to be not which is one...
2 Pages 746 Words

Technology Will Make The World A Better Place

Technology is ever-growing throughout the world. Artificial intelligence has been slowly taking over our lives, making us shortsighted and inept. New emerging technologies have been taking over the jobs that humans do, generating inattentiveness and laziness. Although artificial intelligence can help us in many ways, it is not human, can not take the place of humans, and does not help us in any way, shape, or form. Artificial intelligence is a field that humans are attempting to have mimic real...
2 Pages 1101 Words

Conservation Of Energy For A Better Future

‘Energy,’ which includes physical movements such as moving something from one place to another, warming something, or lighting something, can also be explained. There are many forms of energy such as heat, kinetic or mechanical energy, light, potential energy, electrical energy, or several other types. In our everyday lives, we use energy in various forms and cannot imagine about surviving without it. We use energy to illuminate our residences and also for street lighting, to be sufficient to activate machinery...
3 Pages 1309 Words

Cutlery In The International Restaurant

At the international restaurant, I sat with a student named Maddi. She was nice and she tried her best to follow etiquette and manners. I was also trying my best to follow etiquettes however I was so hungry, I started eating some bread in a basket in our table and I hand up using the wrong knife to put the butter in the bread. Maddi laugh and told me I was using the wrong knife. After all that, Maddi and...
1 Page 557 Words

Generally Accepted Table Manners

Eating out is enjoyable. When you eat at an eatery, you get an opportunity to attempt new dishes. There are a few kinds of fast-food restaurants, if you are eating at a formal place, your habits or eating manners should properly match the occasion. This sells you as a mannered and a well-respected person. Wash your hands before eating Right from childhood, we were instructed that washing our hands is an essential need before placing foods in our mouth. This...
1 Page 525 Words

The Theory Of Carpe Diem

What would you do if you were to discover that today was the last day you were going to be alive? What would you prioritize? Would you go ahead and do something spontaneous like spending all of your money on your dream vacation or go sky diving? The answers to these questions vary significantly according to each individuals’ interests. However, what we may choose to do on our very last day alive is more than likely something we have been...
2 Pages 765 Words

Machines Make The World A Better Place

Just think, over the years we have been creating many machines that have helped us through out the years, but if you just think about the money used to make these, that is a lot of money. What if we can use that money for health care and to help other people in the world and give free education and food? How is this happening? Through machines such as Military, Entertainment, and Transportation, I believe that machines have made this...
2 Pages 1090 Words

How Trevor Nunn Changes The Theme Of Deception In Twelfth Night

William Shakespeare enriches his plays with comedies by adding mistaken identities and treating them like witty and familiar themes. He adds deception to the plays to lure the audience into the world. Trevor Nunn follows a parallel path but additionally invites the idea of mistaken identities into play. The play enriches physical deception when Viola chooses to ‘conceal me what I am’ (1.2.), entrusting just the Captain with her mystery. Shakespeare dresses Viola up as a boy so she could...
2 Pages 867 Words

Life Skills & Personal Effectiveness: Etiquette And Manners

Etiquette or Decorum is an arrangement of rules and guidelines characterizing great structure or ‘great way’ in social open or authority conduct. It initially applied uniquely to lead in court conventions, yet the code has been reached out to give advisers for ordinary living. Both social and table etiquette is essential for conducting an acceptable level of manner when interacting with others. There are sure acknowledged practices in every single social circumstance that you have to learn. With scarcely any...
2 Pages 1006 Words

Will The World Be A Better Place After Covid-19?

Over the last few weeks, we have all been trying to find the positive side to the pandemic; academics and leaders have also joined this trend in an effort to provide us all with inspiration and positivity. For example, Marc Andreessen an entrepreneur, investor, and software engineer advocates for building something — anything — that moves society forward from here. In his essay, he says that to “reboot the American dream” we need to “demand more of our political leaders,...
1 Page 481 Words

The Sayings And Doings Of The Prophet Muhammad In Hadith

Introduction In this essay, I will be examining whether the Hadith can be trusted as a historical source. The Hadith contains traditions that Muslims consider to be the sayings and doings of the Prophet Muhammad, establishing it as a very important source within Islam. My aim is to show that the Hadith cannot be trusted as a historical source because of what I believe to be two convincing arguments of why it should not. I will do this by first...
4 Pages 1913 Words
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