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Scholarship Essay: The Opportunities I Get with This Scholarship

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My name is Shaprie Miller. For starters I would like to say I am very thankful for getting this opportunity to be a candidate to receive this scholarship. This is a great opportunity for myself as well as my family, which means I would benefit from this greatly! People are not always given an opportunity such as this and again I am very thankful. I am a great candidate for this scholarship for various reasons. I would be the first child from my family to attend college. still is working hard on my studies. I am majoring in Criminal justice, which means I would have to study all the time. Many people around me are always against the law. I want to be one of giving back, and being a great role model to children. By receiving this scholarship it would help me with books, rooming and board, and it will also make a big difference in my education. I can solely think about how to pay back student loans. I would not have to stress my mother and other family members out about how I will pay for college without financial assistance. This also would help me complete my classes for my associate’s degree. After going to undergraduate school I plan on transferring to a four-year college to further my education. My top three colleges are USC Upstate, South Carolina State University, and College of Charleston. Shortly when I graduate high school, if I am granted this scholarship, it will be the start to a brighter future in which I am hoping for and it will give me the greatest opportunity as far as being an investigator or a judge. Also If I am granted this opportunity, I would like to make a difference in society, my community, and others around me. I will study hard and miss out on things that will hinder me from getting my degree. It will help me accomplish many goals that I want to achieve. Many others do not take advantage of scholarships offered to them, so I want to be the first to do so.

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I pray that I can be an example to many of our youth who thinks it is impossible to excel. Hard work, determination, and great willpower is all that you need to be successful. I have been very diligent with getting the things done to further my education. My impossible turns into possible. I always ask God to guide me as I am getting through high school in order that I be destined for greatness. By me holding on to God’s unchanging hand that will be possible.

In conclusion, after achieving my goals, I plan to use my degree to better my family financially, and hopefully, it will inspire others in my family, and those around me to chase their dreams as well. Where I am from a lot of children cannot go to college or further their education because lack of funds, and they do not take advantage of scholarships offered to them, so I want to be the first to do so. This opportunity is so much-needed and I want to be one of those who could say I had the opportunity, and I took advantage of it. I plan on striving to excel, not to settle for anything less and I was told to be the change that you wish to see, but I know it all starts within me. The road is not going to be easy, but I am going try my best to make my family proud and set examples for those under me.

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