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Scholarship Essay to Get A MasterCard Scholarship at Edinburgh

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I need financial help to attend college in the UK because I am a low-income student. I am the 1st child to attend college. Although my parents gave me much support, I received limited financial help because of low family income. My father, who was the bread weaner of the family, passed away. To reduce family burden, I took out student loans, enter competitions to pay for my tuition. Meanwhile, I am working 45 hours per week off-campus to support myself and pay the debt I owe the University. However, with the increasing inflation this year in Zimbabwe, I am facing more challenges in financial need.

Zimbabwean University tuition fees are cheap compared to those in the UK at the University of Edinburgh. Despite the cheap tuition fees, I am struggling to finish the debt I owe the University. Undoubtedly, I cannot afford to fund my studies at the University of Edinburgh. The MasterCard Foundation Scholarship will allow to be breaking the social norms, learn at one the best Universities in the UK and gain world-class education that can make me effective early in my career. The scholarship will allow me to spend more time on my major courses and not worry about tuition fees debt. The MasterCard Foundation Scholarship will remove the financial burden and allow me to have more time on mastering my studies. Therefore, I would appreciate a helping hand so I can successfully get my master’s degree. According to the Clifton Strengths assessment, my core values are restorative, communication, responsibility, including, and positivity. I strongly agree with these values because they reflect who I am. I have shown these values in both my personal and professional life.

I am very good at figuring out what is wrong and resolving it. An example is when I figured out that the Manhinga Orphanage needed helping hands items of blankets, clothes, and food. As the Secretary-General of an on-campus church group, I mobilized fundraising initiatives to raise money to buy blankets clothes and food which we donated to the Orphanage. Besides, I also find it easy to put my thoughts into words. I enjoy presentations and being a good conversationalist. During the UNLEASH Innovation Lab in Shenzhen, China 2019, I was in a team of 5 members from different countries. I ensured teamwork through coordination, communication, and commitment. As the team leader, I was inclusive of everyone irrespective of color, gender or race, and I enjoyed presenting whenever given the chance to pitch our idea. Even in those tough times, I have this contagious enthusiasm to get others to find excitement about what they can do. An example is during the Mandela Washington Fellowship when my group was almost giving up the ideation phase of the Human-Centered Design Thinking Process. I gave the team hope and energy to put more effort, and we passed that stage one of the brilliant ideas to work on.

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My unique ability to identify community problems, influence and start solutions define me as a self-driven and compassionate leader. At Mega Pak Zimbabwe, I am influencing the design of a plastic pelletizer machine. Mega Pak is subcontracting Plasmoplastics (Ltd) to recycle plastic material on its behalf. Subcontracting is expensive, causes delays to the production system, and deliver a poor quality product. Initially, I faced a lack of support from the directors because I had no experience in project management. Eventually, I persuaded them to support the idea financially. At first, I selected a team of 10 artisans and created a project plan with clear objectives, task assignments, and the timeline for the project. Second, I developed a weekly work plan outlining daily activities, distributed the workload, and held daily meetings after work with the group members. Third, I am coordinating the execution of the project through planning, organizing, and controlling task schedules. The deadline for the project is 5 months, but the machine is possible to run successfully in the fourth month with a payback period of one month. This machine will generate huge profits and increase the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by 10%. This will reduce waiting time, machine jams, and plastic pollution in the environment. It will create an improvement in the quality and creation of jobs to local citizens who will now collect scrap plastics on behalf of the company.

The major challenge I faced during my educational career is the lack of funds and adequate resources to support me throughout the years. My father was a bus driver, and my mother is a housewife. He was the breadwinner of the family and his efforts were enormous as he tried to make ends meet for the progress of the family. Unfortunately, he passed on 18 April 2014 during the year I began University in Aug 2014 when I needed him most. Despite my excellent academic potential, I was on the verge of being a school dropout, since I had no one to fund my educational ambitions to succeed. At first, I sold a few cows that belonged to my father, but they only sustained me one full semester at University. Second, I looked for a job and continued my studies learning during evenings and weekends to pay fees and accommodation at college. I had to finance my education at all costs. Besides this, I also won the highly competitive SOLTRAIN Bursary and engineering project competitions for poster presentations whose money helped me to pay the remaining debt I owed the University. I am honestly proud of myself as I progressed my education despite the work pressure and the psychological trauma I was going through of losing a parent at the most important stage of my life and career.

A MasterCard Scholarship at Edinburgh will enable me to understand more about energy production, delivery, consumption, economics, policymaking, regulation, and related services. This will put me on a pathway to promote development-oriented policies that support energy activities, a decent job creation, entrepreneurship, hence, increasing the industry’s share of employment and gross domestic product steadily by 0.5 percent over 10 years. In 5 years’ post-graduation, I aspire to help entrepreneurs, executives and organizations amplify their brand and create unique points of differentiation to achieve more and reach higher success. Therefore, I will educate, engage, and empower them as a speaker to share personal, professional and business growth strategies. In 10 years’ post-graduation, I plan to earn a seat on the executive board of Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC), to facilitate, equip business and development opportunities that drive the growth of the Zimbabwean economy. Concurrently, I want to establish a business that imports technology by dissemination of both highly complex and non-complex technology from capital-intensive origins targeting mostly energy industries in Zimbabwe. After Edinburgh, I will return home and be at the frontier of the power sector’s transformation and use the expertise to create a sustainable, electrified future for all. I plan to lead the energy transition and actively take part in helping Zimbabwe achieve climate goals and reduce poverty. I will work towards the adaptation of innovative electricity technologies and reduce the global carbon footprint while ensuring economic growth and improving the quality of life of millions of people.

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