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Scholarship Essay to Obtain Community Foundation’s Scholarship Opportunities

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My name is Jack Brown and I’m currently a student enrolled at Jamestown Community College, where I’m currently working on obtaining my associate’s degree in business. I will then be attending Binghamton University in the Fall 2019 semester. During my experience with continuing my education, my goal is to attain a career where I can use my accounting skills combined with a strong analytical business background to help formulate informed decisions in the world of business. Before I decided to attend college, I wanted to join the military after high school. Unfortunately, I was disqualified because of complications with my medical history. I then joined the workforce to explore what other options that were available to me. I spent a solid two years working full time to finally decide that it was time I enroll into college. I decided to major in business upon enrolling and chose JCC for their affordability and the ability to transfer into a SUNY school after two years. The reason I chose to major in business is because I was exposed to it while working full time and I always wanted to understand how it operated as a whole rather than just my particular position. I also made the choice to attend JCC so I can adjust to the college life at my own pace and have more time to think about which particular field in business that I would like to pursue. Upon enrollment in JCC I took a few accounting classes that I found rather more enjoyable than the other classes I took. After doing more research, I decided I wanted to pursue accounting because it’s all about the inner workings of business and it informs me about how the business operates as a whole, something I’ve always been interested in. I learned many skills while attending JCC and even a job in my field. My skills in accounting will provide businesses with the accurate and correct information to obtain their financial/managerial goals.

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I possess a strong passion and interest as to how accounting tracks a businesses’ performance as they go through their day-to-day operations. I have been fascinated with the way accounting information is used in the management decision making process. In order for accountants to achieve these goals, they must have a strong understanding of Microsoft Excel and other types of spreadsheet software, along with a strong understanding as to how financial statements work in giving shareholders an overview of a businesses’ performance. I am planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree in accounting with a minor in business analytics to acquire an understanding as to how accounting and statistics information work together in a business background. I have made the dean’s list multiple times at JCC because my academics are the most important thing in my life right now and I have put hundreds of hours into studying. I’ve even been doing outside research in my spare time into the accounting field while looking at real world issues in the present and past, particularly the Enron scandal and the downfall of Sears as being just a couple. I am also a member of the AICPA. I currently work as a hotel night auditor and have acquired many skills as to how I can interpret financial data, while I gain a solid understanding as to how the analysis of financial statements help management make well informed decisions. Most of the time I manage the 133-room hotel at night by myself which has taught me a lot about the basics of business management and customer service.

Although, I have been putting in tremendous effort to obtain my goals and showing a strong interest in the field, as well as planning on taking certification courses to keep me up to date with current laws and practices. The financial costs of college are holding me back due to the fact that I may have to seek out private loans. The Community Foundation’s scholarship opportunities will definitely ease the financial burden and assist me with eliminating high compound interest rates on private loans post-graduation. Overall, these scholarships will help me jump start my career in accounting and as I grow, I will be well on my way to becoming a successful professional in the analytical field of accounting. I believe my education, interest, accolades, performance, and experience make me an excellent fit for these scholarships. I am certain that these scholarships will help me accomplish my goals and further my education for the betterment of my future.

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