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Why Are School Uniforms Uncomfortable

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It was the first day of middle school and I walked to the steps of RSGC. I was fully dressed in our school uniform, with a white long-sleeve dress shirt, an RSGC tie, grey dress pants, dress shoes, and black socks. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, judges and teachers, Today I will brief about a debate that is ongoing with students for centuries in Canada of whether are not school uniforms are beneficial.

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A large number of people say that school uniforms are beneficial for us students. School uniforms are effective because they make it easier to get ready for school, some people say. Due to this, students can easily find their uniforms instead of searching for their most preferred clothes. Since some time is saved, they will most likely get to school on time. Others also say that school uniforms separate the poor from the rich, decrease bullying and teasing and they also promote school spirit. Instead of spending countless amounts of money on casual clothing, parents can use some of that money on buying uniforms for their kids instead. When everyone is dressed the same, no peer pressure would be added when it comes to their clothes. It doesn’t show whether you are rich nor poor. There also wouldn’t be any competition of being dressed up in the most modern trend. According to Atlas Infinity, schools actually claim that when students come to school in uniforms, they improve on discipline and kids are gaining academically as well.

Believe it or not, according to, (a website that allows you to express your thoughts on whether or not something is beneficial or not, which in this case, it would be about uniforms) forty-four percent of people say that uniforms are beneficial while an amazing fifty-six percent of people say that it isn’t advantageous. These people say that it isn’t favorable because it doesn’t allow their kids to show their personality and to express their thoughts which is usually through fashion. Some people also say that school uniforms are very expensive and some parents might not be able to afford them so they can only buy one or two pairs. Then, when the kids get home from school, the parents and/or their kids will have to wash the uniform to wear the next day which will take up valuable time that could have been used for homework, playtime, or even rest. However, the biggest issue of school uniforms that has been addressed so far is that they cause discomfort, mentally and physically. Some kids might have allergies to certain materials and the uniform might feel tight and/or rigid to them. This can increase their temper and can also affect their learning as well. They might also think that when walking home in their uniform, kids from other schools might make fun of them and start bullying him/her. This can lead to depression and lack of sleep.

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