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Essay About Science and Technology

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Today sciencemade the impossible things possible. Science, technology have made the life safe, secure and comfortable. Today we are totally depended on science whether it is inside or outsidehome. Now we can enjoy every second in our life through them. Technology has totally changed the field of entertainment. Science,technology and innovation each represent a successively large category of activities which are highly interdependent but distinct. The relation between science and technology are complex and vary considerably with the particular field of technology being discussed. What is the real connection of Science and Technology? Here it goes, Science is a systematic way which involves observation and experimentation in order to get knowledge and improve skill; whereas, technology is the practical application of science which helps in improving the quality of life.

In real life Science and Technology is very useful to people. Also, Science and technology are extremely important in our daily life because they made our life simpler, faster and more secure. While science is the study of physical and the natural world, technology is the application arising from science.Science and Technology also have its Advantages and Disadvantages. Yes, It helps a lot and we use it everyday but there are times that were not using it right to the point that we are abusing it; Example of advantages of Science and Technology is that communication became easy, fast and cheaper. Standard of living have increased with the increase of technology. But of course it has its own disadvantages for example, terrorists uses modern technology for their destructive work.

Modern technology have not only affected man only but it also affects plants and creatures also due to nuclear energy. If we go back to the old times, we can see the development that has happened in our lives because of Science, and one of its main innovations is technology which played a huge contribution to the different sectors of life. An example of this is the industrialization revolution which is a shift from man power to machineries that gave way for mass production which is still used by the economy and the businesses that exists within it. In connection to our examples, it is greatly evident that science and technology worked hand in hand to get us to where we are now which is the digital age wherein people are more connected to each other through smartphones, social media, and such. Although it is evident that technology brought about by Science created a positive impact towards mankind, we cannot deny the fact that it also contributed to a lot of problems in our society. The rise of technology and development gave alarming problems to our environment because of the innovations that are harmful to it.

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An example of this are cars and factories that pollute our air and seas; nowadays scientists kept on warning us that the ozone layer is getting thinner and we need to utilize the technology that was given to us in a right way. Global warming is becoming an increasingly important issue on the political and public agenda and is heavily linked to developments in science and technology. While technology is blamed formuch of the pollution that contributes to global warming, it may also provide the solution to the problem. Research into new methods of generating power and electricity is abundant; experts hope to find cleaner, renewable sources of energy to replace the finite supply of fossil fuels and reduce global warming and climate change. New methods such as wind turbines, solar power and hydro-electric power are under scrutiny and are constantly subject to trails to improve the efficiency of existing systems.

Every day, new research is being conducted to improve the systems involved in the modern world. New systems of removing waste and improving the efficiency of the distribution of electricity, for example, may benefit many people in the future by cutting emissions and improving efficiency. Projects such as those involving cars that run on cleaner fuels may also significantly change the way we live in the future; energy efficient products such as light bulbs will also contribute to making the environment cleaner. One of the principal reasons behind the significant gap between the developing world and the developed world is a lack of technology. The developed world is heavily reliant on technology which makes life much easier and production much more efficient. Technology is lacking in developing countries and this contributes to widespread poverty and a lack of basic amenities such as clean, running water and food supplies.New technology which will boost food production, improve infrastructure, improve healthcare and provide sanitation facilities could dramatically change the quality of life in the developing world. With the help of charitable organizations and Government leaders from developed countries, this kind of technology is gradually being introduced into developing countries.

Science and Technology worked hand in hand for us to be a developed society. There are good and bad effects that came with it, but surely if we used it in the right way wherein we don't abuse it, it will be an avenue for us to be more developed in the future. Science and technology inventions and discoveries, including the theory of the origin of the universe, the theory of evolution, and the discovery of genes, have given humanity many hints relating to human existence from civilized and cultural points of view. Science and technology have had an immeasurable influence on the formation of our understanding of the world, our view of society, and our outlook on nature. In the present, squarely addressing the relationship between science and technology and society is an essential challenge to the sound development of science and technology, one which it is important to continue addressing in the future based on historical and civilized perspectives, while also maintaining a deep awareness of the needs of the times. We should keep it use as a side on so that it does’t affect us in big way and we should develop our self as we were before without science and technology.

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