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Science Contribution To Muslim Scholars

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Muslim scholars in medicine have left a clear imprint on the forehead of history, as many bright-minded people flock to engage in a circle of inventions and innovations in various fields, including medicine, and in this article we will talk about the contributions of Muslim scholars in medicine.

Ala ad-Din Abu al-Hasan Ali Ibn Abi-Hazm-al-Qarshi (1210-1288 AD) known as Ibn Nafis Damishqi, was a distinguished Muslim scholar in many fields, he was a scientist, physician, author, jurist, and physiologist. He is also considered as Father of Circulatory Physiology. He was born in Damascus, Syria and completed his education in Bimaristan al-Noori Hospital. In 1236 AD, he traveled to Egypt, served in the Hospital Almansouri, became chief of physicians and Sultan’s personal physician there. He wrote several books, including Sharah al Tashreeh al Qanoon ( Commentary on the anatomy of Canon of Avicenna), which contains the first description of the pulmonary circulation. Moreover, He discovered the pulmonary circulation; He found that the wall between the right and left ventricles of the heart is solid and without pores and he also corrected Galen’s mistakes in the anatomy of the heart as it is shown in Figure 1, as he was the first to talk about nourishing the heart muscle from the coronary arteries.

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Abu Ali al-Hussein bin Abdullah bin Al-Hassan bin Ali bin Sina (980-1037 AD) known in the West as Avicenna, he was also named (Prince of Doctors), he was famous in the fields of medicine and philosophy, whose influence on Islamic and European medicine persisted for centuries. He was born in Afshanah. Since his childhood, he was distinguished by intelligence, talent and genius. At the age of ten, he studied the science of medicine, jurisprudence, literature, and philosophy in Bukhara. He wrote several books in medicine and philosophy , including Kitab al Shifa (The book of Healing) and Al Qanun fi al Tibb(The Canon of Medicine) . He worked in medicine and treated many patients during the Abbasid state. One of his contributions is the explanation of the cause of pain, which was against Galen’s idea of the cause of pain. Ibn sina suggested that the pain was caused due to the change of the physical condition of the organ. He also studied the meningitis disease and explained its symptoms, types and the difference between them. Moreover, he discovered Anthrax, the disease is called Holy fire.

To sum up, medicine has been developed at the hands of Muslim scholars to become one of the widest areas of life sciences, and in fact that the contributions made were unprecedented, comprehensive and very distinctive, and great achievements included both disease treatment, innovation of medical drugs and methods of disease prevention Utilities, tools and many more.

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