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Science That Inspires Me

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My father. I know it’s a little of a cliche’- for which l apologise – but looking back, My father undoubtedly played a major role in sparking my interest in science. He was my tutor throughout most of my primary school year, he study science in his motherland but unpleasantly different factor stopped him from entering the scientific field completely. Instead he would teach me in his spare time .

Another person that particularly inspired me further my education in the scientific field is Marie Curie. I am particularly inspired by her impressive accomplishments and discovered her from a textbook. I didn’t become officially as stand intel l came a crows the movie radioactivity after that her research on her life become more fascinating.Upon research i started to become more and more empowered to study science.In addition she is now my role model in so many ways than what l can exempel.

Marie Curie is a Polish -born French physicist and was the first woman to win win a Nobel prize award in addition to becoming the first person to claim the award twice in different field, namly chemistry and physicist. She discovered two elements: polonium and radium and radioactivity.

Maria Salomea Skłodowska Curie was born at Warsaw,Poland on nov 7th,1867.Her parents were both teachers, her father a teacher of mathematics and medicine. However he was working in Russian Poland and being polish he wasn’t paid very well. As a young person Marie was very intelligent and eager to learn, having parents that encourage their children education Marie learned how to read at around the age of four and the age of 15 she graduated senior high school and was the top of her course.

Marie made a deal with and her sister Bronya, agreeing to fund Bronya medical degree in France by working as a tutor and a governess, in addition Bronya would later help Marie move to Pairs and enrolled at the Sorbonne University.In 1891 Sklodowska moved to Paris to the university where she studied chemistry, mate and physics.

While doing the postgraduate research at the lab and finding the Sorbonne University’ equipment and facilities inadequate Marie was in a necessary search of laboratory space and equipment. Her research lead her right to Pierre Curie, Marie Curie’s future husband, supervised. The two scientist quickly fell in love and a year later the pair were married in Scuaux, France,july 26 ,1895.

Curie discovered radioactivity together with her husband Pierre Curie. The pair worked on separate work intel the birth of their first born daughter.Pierre began to conduct research with Marie on x-ray and uranium.Fascinated by a french physicist Henri Becquerel, 1897, who came across uranium salts cast of rays that could penetrate objects. They took his work even further. Curie began studying uranium rays, where she made the claim that the raus remained constant no matter the form and condition on the uranium’s form instead on it’s atomic structure.Marie Curie theory created new field of atomic physics, study and the term radioactivity,where Marie herself coined the phrase, at the time describe the phenomenon of radiation caused by atomic decay. The idea became revolutionary and a new field of study ,atomic physics.

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The pair spent time working with pitchblende and 1902, on April 20,successfully isolate radioactive radium salt from the mineral pichblad. Pitchblende is a mineral that is the crystallized form of uranium oxide and was used in the discovery of uranium 1789.

Together with her husband, both won a share of the Nobel Prize Award in Physics 1903, alongside Henri Becquerel, making Marie Curie the first woman to win a Nobel prize award. Based on research that almost didn’t happen, the Nobel committee wanted to honour Perrie and Becquerel, but Perrie went to complain in advance and then Marie’s name was added, making her the first woman to won the award.

On April 9th,1906, Pierre Curie was killed in a accident in the Paris street. Despite of being a mother of two and a widow, Marie vowed to continue her work and on May was took her husband’ set at the Sorbonne and officially become the university first female professor. In addition continued her research and teaching, she work on isolating pure, metallic radium and successfully for this achievement was the sole recipient of the Nobel prize award in 1911 in chemistry making her the first person to win two award in different fields.

Marie Curie later on started to focus on the medical field where she became interested in the medical applications of radioactive substance. Curis past research and upon the star of the world war one she work on radiology and the potential of radium as cancer therapy. What Marie curie did was by working on the X-ray machine that was discovered by German scientist Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895, and use the radium to be the gamma ray source on x-ray machine.It made it more accurate and gave them stronger x- ray. By creating smaller and portable x-ray machine to be used by medicine in the field, Marie Curie get aging made advance in this field.

Being the most famous woman scientist that paved the way for all female scientist generation forward, fighting her corner in the predominantly male -only field and fight stereotypes about women. Marie Curie is someone to be trulyreckoned with.

She may not be known as cute, terribly nice or even gentle, especially when everyone believes that a woman was too touchy-feely to get an education or respected even to this decade the assumed and sexesist stereotypes still exist and very well are present. In that time scencis was all about logic and women had too much hormones and feeling to study science, but Curie became a living example of that it wasn’t true.

The moviebiography of Marie curie’s life,” Radioactivity”, showed how deriment, focus and bravery she was to face discrimination every day and still prove every single person wrong. Marie Curie showed me no matter how hard or difficult life can be it does not mean that your dreams and future changes because of it.In addition, even if every person in your life does not believe in you to become succeed is unimportant because. Her actions make me wanna be the human that encourage others, and perhaps one day be as productive and half as successful as she was.

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