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Historical Development and Basic Principle of Bioethics in the Field of Health Research

There are some conflicting answers to the following questions in our daily lives such as; you have to pass the exam successfully. To achieve your goal, shall you cheat on the exam or rather study hard? Patient X needs kidney transplantation, another patient is dying due to a car accident that has a normal kidney. Shall the doctor allow let the critical patient to die fast and transplant the kidney to the other patient? Two competitive companies prepared a new...
2 Pages 1024 Words

H. Tristram Engelhardt’s 'After God: Moral Bioethics in a Secular Age': Critical Analysis

This European synthesis, in his view, was the basis for providing a secular state with a secular moral authority guided by reason through philosophical arguments that could be agreed on by all (Hugo Tristram Engelhardt, 2017). Engelhardt rejected this whole-heartedly and cautioned the readers to be aware of the fact that, “there still remain powerful, but unfounded philosophical expectations regarding the existence of a generally secularly justifiable morality, bioethics, and political authority that persist as remnants from the via antiqua...
4 Pages 1697 Words

Ford & Edison’s Role in the History of the Electric Car in America 1890-1914

At the turn of the 20th century, though often looked at through a teleological view, ¬¬¬¬¬¬the future of the automobile industry was yet to be decided. About a decade prior, the electric automobile had its first development in America by William Morrison and was successfully commercialized in 1895 by the Riker Electric Vehicle Company. While steam and gasoline-powered cars were also being engineered, the electric car was ahead in public consumption by the 1900s. This paper will look at the...
4 Pages 1604 Words

Examining Evidence of Gender and Social Stratification in Archaeology

The assumption of gender and the required role has remained the same for many centuries. The expectations of a certain gender whether it is male, or female determine their role in society. Studying gender in past and present times compares in terms of the roles and actions of males and females. This would include feminine, masculine, cultural beliefs, and power relations. The lack of women’s input and actions in history towards life, in general, went unnoticed and ignored for centuries....
6 Pages 2899 Words

Ethical Dilemma Faced by Self-driving Cars: Argumentative Essay

Abstract The application of artificial intelligence technology will soon permit large-scale deployment of self-driving cars for human daily lives. Self-driving cars are assumed to be safer than manually driven cars, but car collisions are sometimes unavoidable. It’s necessary to consider during the occurrence of a car accident, the ethical algorithms for different stages of the accident, which are the responsibilities and backward-looking responsibilities. Along with interests that are held by various stakeholders, seek forward-looking dilemma is produced. In other words,...
9 Pages 3934 Words

Essay on The Sargasso Sea and Bermuda Triangle

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “sea”? Sandy beach, palm trees, vacationing people? Well, none of that is relevant when it comes to the Sargasso Sea. This one has no shores, and what it has instead is lost ships! Buckle up, as you are about to discover what mysteries it is hiding! The Sargasso Sea is like no other sea in the world, because it, you know, has no shores! What makes up its borders then?...
3 Pages 1495 Words

Essay on Techniques for Conservation of Fish Genetical Resources

Among all vertebrate taxa, fishes have the highest diversity in species. Fishes have huge diversity in shape, size, and biology in their aquatic environment. According to the NATIONAL BUREAU OF FISH GENETIC RESOURCES, 32,042 finfish species were recorded globally and India is home to 9.2% of this global finfish diversity . According to NBFGR India accounts for 5070 Mollusca species, 2934 crustaceans species, and 765 echinoderms species. Fishes are considered as cheapest and high protein source food source worldwide. Fishes...
5 Pages 2494 Words

Essay on Sexual Deviance: Environmental Ethics, Religion, Bioethics

One of the most crucial issues when it comes to the behavior of a person that society is facing right now is sexual deviance. This issue had been going on for a lot of years until this day when people are being more aware yet curious about the said deviance. article stated that it has shown nearly half 45.6% Canadian sample of adult males and females have been into desire of wanting the activity of sexual deviance. According to...
3 Pages 1269 Words

Essay on Philosophical Bioethics

The Facts: Chara’s mother died of bowel cancer at the age of 46. She was found to have Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP), a hereditary condition that involves the development of many pre-cancerous polyps in the bowel. If FAP is not treated, bowel cancer will almost always develop in one or more polyps. Colonoscopy can detect cancerous lesions early, and treatment is effective with different types of colon surgery. The surgical removal of the entire colon (colectomy) is also an option...
6 Pages 2734 Words

Essay on Moral Theories: Deontology, Utilitarianism and Virtue Ethics

Philosophers attempt to use moral theories to ideally determine whether an individual is a moral and ethical person. This essay will include the theories; Deontology, Utilitarianism, and Virtue Ethics, and how each significant theory can make an individual a moral member of society, but with contrasting views of other philosophers’ ideas. For example, different philosophers believe in different moral theories regarding how people make decisions in life, therefore, everyone has a diverse perspective on how they would approach situations in...
6 Pages 2562 Words

Essay on Mathematics in Everyday Life

Introduction Society refers to a group of people living together in the same zone involved in a determined social interaction (Skemp, 1971). Societies can be classified into some form of relations among oneself who can divide themselves into portions of characteristic culture and institutions. The way society behaves is very amazing to the fact that it is very organized and they make choices together to approach a particular task. As a society they consider soft skills like teamwork and leadership...
3 Pages 1315 Words

Essay on Importance of Vaccines Invention

Vaccines are considered one of the most distinguished inventions in history. From a health standpoint, some of the revolutionary achievements of vaccines are the eradication of smallpox and polio. Millions of people die of smallpox during 1980-90, however, the 1979 vaccination program started by the WHO completely wiped it out. Another, striking accomplishment of vaccination is eradicating polio. After the introduction of a worldwide end polio campaign, the number of polio cases has reduced to 407 in 2013 from 350,000...
4 Pages 1609 Words

Essay on Historical Background of Bioethics

The essence of bioethics had traced back to Egypt and Mesopotamia periods [6]. It was assumed that the first regulations related to medicine were detected by then. Furthermore, bioethics has also some association with Hippocrates (Greece, 460-370 BC) [7]and who contributed to the Hippocratic Oath (a mandatory principle that governs physicians in the field of clinical practices) [6]. The origin of the term bioethics was derived from two Greek words, bios mean life, and ethos means behavior [8, 9]. The...
1 Page 638 Words

Essay on Gender Differences in the Use of Language Tools

Women or men, which group is more likely to learn a new language and what effect does gender have on the new language learning process? Are women more inclined to learn a new language or men? Is there a connection between bilingualism and gender? What gender characteristics affect the mastery and learning of a new language? These questions have always occupied the minds of language learners. Is language and gender-related at all? Language and gender refer to the relationship between...
4 Pages 1967 Words

Essay on Functionalism as One of the Major Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology

The structural-functionalist perspective, also called functionalism, is one of the major theoretical perspectives in sociology. It is based largely on the works of Emile Durkheim as well as Herbert Spencer. It has been given various, but similar definitions by many sociological scholars. Generally, it sees society as a structure with interrelated parts designed to meet the biological and social needs of the individuals in that society. Functionalism can also be defined as a framework for building theory that sees society...
3 Pages 1489 Words

Essay on Engelhardt’s View of Bioethics in a Secular Age

“Reason has not been able to substitute for God (Hugo Tristram Engelhardt, 2017).” This is the thrust of Engelhardt’s view of bioethics (and ethics). Engelhardt documents the failed aspirations of the Enlightenment regarding a morality based on reason in which governments would be able to establish their authority through moral rationality, and all citizens would be part of a moral community. He termed this, the Western Philosophical Project, which was born in Greece. Engelhardt deemed this project as flawed because...
2 Pages 1062 Words

Essay on Cars: Fossil Fuel Vs Hybrid Cars

With all the controversy of global warming and how it is affecting our planet. A lot of people look towards the problem of burning fossil fuels and the large amount of it that gets burned for transportation. Along with the price of gasoline increasing especially in 2008 and again in 2012 scientists and engineers have been working towards creating a more eco-friendly and fuel-efficient vehicle. Alternative Fuel cars are a great way to save money while also helping the environment....
5 Pages 2412 Words

Essay on Cars and Motorcycles

Introduction Since the beginning of time, transportation has remained a hurdle for human beings. Humans’ first means of transport were walking, running, and swimming. The domestication of animals introduced a new way to lay the burden of transport on more powerful creatures, allowing the transportation of heavier loads, or humans riding animals for greater speed and duration. Inventions such as the wheel and the sled helped make animal transport more efficient through the introduction of vehicles. Water transport, including rowed...
2 Pages 1066 Words

Essay on Biology

In these trying times when our world feels the agony of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) also known as the COVID-19 Pandemic and the lives of our medical front liners are at stake. I think that the government should recognize the roles of BS Biology graduates in the field of science by passing a law that will professionalize graduates of the BS Biology program to further strengthen the science and technology in our country as a mandate...
2 Pages 1003 Words

Essay on Bioethics: Ethics in Clinics, Health Policy, Ethics in Research and Genetics

The word “bioethics” is made of two converging parts that call for more and more clarifications. The first word is called “ethics,” this refers to the study of any kind of issues and identities of different anticipations we have in our struggling lives. The second word is commonly known as “bio” this simply refers to life, which is now put together as “bioethics”. This now defines as clarifying and solving any issues that arise in lives in all sorts of...
3 Pages 1590 Words

Essay on Bioethics and Positives and Negatives of Bioengineering

Introduction: There are many advantages and disadvantages when it comes to genetically engineering a baby. There are also reasons why people would want to genetically engineer a baby. In the movie ‘My Sister’s Keeper’, a couple used genetic engineering to prevent their daughter from being taken away by cancer. Although, they got these body parts from the baby they made and the problem with that is if they continue taking body parts from her, then she will soon die while...
3 Pages 1328 Words

Essay on Apoptosis

“Introduction to Apoptosis” Apoptosis is a programmed death for the cell in other words it is a cell suicide therefore, it is totally different from necrosis where the cell dies as a result of injury. In the apoptosis process, the cell’s components are packed by immune cells. Apoptosis is very important because it maintains the balance of the body by eliminating cells during development and removing the possibly cancerous cells and cells infected by viruses. In a lot of cases,...
2 Pages 897 Words

Essay on Animals and Environmental Ethics

Animal Ethics Today, we will look at several modern western historical philosophical figures that have played a significant role in the movements of animal rights and welfare, such as Rene Descartes, Immanuel Kant, and John Stuart Mill; we will discuss their work impact in changing our ethical attitudes and laws regarding animals. We also will discuss animal ethics in the 21st century. Descartes is one of the earliest advocates of animal rights, who start to pay attention to the difference...
2 Pages 1009 Words

Essay on Animals

Animals aren’t actors, nor circus clowns to engage humans. Yet, there are no national standards for the welfare of circus animals, which leads to thousands of elephants, bears, apes, and other animals being forced to perform silly, difficult tricks under threat of physical punishment from whips and bullhooks. These living creatures are kept caged and carted across the country in cramped, stuffy semi-truck trailers, and frequently separated from others of the same species – all for the purpose of human...
2 Pages 1019 Words

Erik Erikson's Theory in Analysis of Divorce

Divorce is common among married couples in today’s society. According to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on marriage, divorce, and remarriage in the United States, 43 percent of initial relational partnerships end in divorce or separation within the first 15 years (CDC, 2022). The high divorce rate has prompted greater research on the detrimental impact of divorce on children. Children face several daily challenges, such as peer pressure and discovering their own identities. Adults and...
2 Pages 947 Words

Electric Cars Versus Gasoline Cars: Comparative Analysis

Team pro electric vehicles Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is a disaster. A quote from Elon Reeve Musk, the entrepreneur, investor, and business magnate, also known as the CEO of Tesla Motors. Speaking of disasters, let’s talk about finances: What are the financial reasons to drive an electric vehicle? From a financial standpoint, electric vehicles can only be viewed as beneficial. You not only save money, but you also get a...
5 Pages 2238 Words

Do Zoos Help or Harm Animals: Discursive Essay

In the zoo, people can observe a variety of animals from all over the world. From aquatic animals to terrestrial animals, those vivid creatures are displayed in front of human beings. The origin of zoos can be dated back to ancient Egypt. Animals represented the power and wealth of an empire. The Romans usually captured animals, such as lions, elephants, and bears to battle criminals. According to Poultry, Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences (2014), “Collections of animals during ancient times could...
2 Pages 1073 Words

Discursive Essay on Biosafety and Bioethics Issues in Biotechnology

This essay will attempt to discuss in detail the definitions of biosafety and bioethics, the different aspects surrounding biosafety and bioethics, as well as prominent biosafety and bioethics issues with regard to biotechnology and how they can be solved. Furthermore, how risk assessment plays a role in biosafety will be discussed, as well as certain suggestions to increase the level of biosafety. Laboratory biosafety will also be discussed briefly. Ways in which ethical issues regarding biotechnology can be addressed will...
6 Pages 2938 Words

Development of Cars in 1920s: Pros and Cons

After World War 1, America entered the “Roaring Twenties”. This period brought dramatic social and political changes. The advantages of technology and the inventions of machines brought the whole country into a crazy condition. The car, which was a sample of the “Roaring Twenties” has been invented by Karl Benz in 1886. The car is continuously being developed to assimilate into people’s lives. “Cars the most important catalyst for social change in the 1920s” boomed people’s lives (Daily Life). The...
3 Pages 1301 Words

Concerns about Love: Bioethics, Death, and Artificial Intelligence

Love has a variety of meaning it depends on the person on how he or she understands it. However, for Judith Butler saying “I love you” is a cliché and she is dissecting the actual sentence, for her the thought of commitment through marriage or any symbolism is a senseless matter. She concludes that because she believes that circumstances change so as well as the people. Hence, to be able to give a commitment to someone or something you should...
2 Pages 1045 Words
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