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What Was the Effect of Vasco Da Gama's Voyage to India in 1498

Introduction Vasco da Gama's voyage to India in 1498 was a pivotal moment in the Age of Exploration. This essay explores the significant effects of his expedition, focusing on the economic, cultural, and geopolitical transformations that unfolded as a result of this historic voyage. Opening the Maritime Route to India Vasco da Gama's voyage was aimed at finding a direct sea route to India, bypassing the traditional overland routes controlled by Arab traders. By successfully reaching Calicut on the southwestern...
1 Page 511 Words

Essay on Christopher Columbus Major Accomplishments

The Atlantic trade route was one of the newest trade routes that shaped the development of World History to 1500 by giving the Old World an entrance to the New World through the travel of the Atlantic Ocean. Although the New World was not new as it had existed just as long as the Old World, but to Europe it was a discovery of a newer world to find riches and expand their religious beliefs. With the help of the...
3 Pages 1416 Words

Evaluation Essay on Humanities

IIT Gandhinagar provides more than 50 humanities and social sciences courses. Each course has its importance. These humanities and social sciences courses play a huge role in every student's life. Humanities courses help us to develop the qualities of being humane. Humanities also give us a taste of art and literature. Whereas social sciences teach more about society and human relationships. This study of our society helps us to find a way to come up with solutions for the problems...
2 Pages 956 Words

Life of Pi' Discovery Essay

“The lower you are, the higher your mind will want to soar” (Life of Pi, page 283). In “Life of Pi” Pi grows up in Pondicherry, India, as a little boy who is the son of an owner of the Pondicherry Zoo. They set an immigration to Canada, after selling their Zoo, and their ship sinks. Leaving Pi on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger, an orangutan, a zebra, and a hyena. In the novel “Life of Pi”, the author...
2 Pages 832 Words

Physicists in India after Independence: Essay

India, a land full of innate natural resources, a source of spirituality, knowledge, and inventions, is one of the oldest civilizations in the world dating all the way back to the Paleolithic age. India individually has contributed most to human civilization and because of her opulence, India was known as the 'Golden Sparrow' to the rest of the world. Starting from the dawn of civilization till today, date India has always been in a leadership position in various aspects and...
2 Pages 1012 Words

Essay about the GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence Model as a Great Discovery of the 21st Century

Can a machine replace the position of an editor? In part, it does seem to be possible thanks to GPT-3 technology, which is nothing more than an artificial intelligence (AI) model whose main utility is the generation of texts from a seed text. “Although a priori it can be a threat to humans, GPT-3 is usually used more as an inspiration tool to generate a base and for the editor or content creator to improve it”, comments José Gabriel García...
1 Page 567 Words

Critical Evaluation Essay on Humanities

Frankly speaking, when we came to know that we are supposed to take eight humanities courses in our four years of B.Tech, we all were shocked for the time being. We came to IIT to study engineering, not this illogical stuff. We had a question, after all why study these courses that are never going to play any role in our future life, we came up with our own answers without actual analysis of the need. We thought that college...
2 Pages 1021 Words

Relationship between Archaeology and Geology: Critical Essay

For centuries, geological research has been crucial to answering various questions in archaeology. Therefore, archaeologists not only rely on the discipline of geology but also have proven its usefulness in various archaeological investigations. The extreme was reached in 1976 when Colin Renfrew first used the term ‘archaeological geology’ to describe the contribution of geological sciences to geology (Norman and Evan, 1998: 20). In order to emphasize the importance of geology in archaeological work, the Geological Society of America (GSA) established...
4 Pages 1704 Words

Humanities Should Be Taught at the University: Argumentative Essay

Being asked whether the humanities should be taught in the university or not, made me question myself on what the profound meaning of the humanities is. After searching it up, I discovered that this is an intellectual pursuit that deals with human society and culture, involving the study and analysis of history, literature, linguistics, philosophy, politics, and the like. Having learned more about the meaning of the humanities, I thought about how important it is for the people and the...
1 Page 446 Words

STEM Vs. the Humanities: Compare and Contrast Essay

Is STEM major taking over the world? Conard states that we need more STEM majors because our economy depends in it. Do we really need more STEM majors when some get their doctorate and can’t get a job for their position, how do we need more STEM majors when there not all getting hired for those jobs? STEM major has been the focus of the new generation in the United States and that has led for the new generation to...
2 Pages 996 Words

Humanities Deserve to Be Studied: Argumentative Essay

The humanities traditionally encompass those disciplines that treat human culture, experience, and perception as an object of study, while simultaneously treating the person as a knowing subject, and that pierce to the core of culture and the human condition. According to the editors of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the humanities are differentiated in terms of substance and process, in a community of education disciplines, from the physical, biological, and, somewhat less decisively, social sciences. The humanities require the study of all...
1 Page 422 Words

Should the Humanities Be Taught in College: Critical Essay

Colleges develops our skills to be effective and successful in our careers in the future. Not only that, according to Ciardi (1940), this type of education lets us go in the minds of many amazing authors. These authors help us to understand what the world is and what the world should be. In today’s world, the humanities are the subjects that gives life to those authors. It makes sense why it is taught in colleges. I do believe as well...
1 Page 491 Words

Reflections on Why the Humanities Should Be Taught in College

If the main focus of the humanities are men, why should there be a need to study ourselves? According to Gaff and Ratcliff (1997), the humanities talk about the life of others, people whom we have never even met before. The life of others gives us stories and ideas on how life was back then. The humanities are commonly focused on aspects that are deemed to be useless and unpractical, when in reality, the humanities prove to have the most...
1 Page 415 Words

The Value of the Humanities': Critical Essay

One of the hardest choices a college student must make is what degree to go after. With the growth of student loans and the rising price of tuition, many undergraduates, myself included, feel the coercion to choose a major that will make us successful after graduation. The question as to what one plans to do with their major is natural for undergraduates with plans to pursue careers in nursing or the business field. On the other hand, it is much...
1 Page 559 Words

Importance of Being Well Versed in the Humanities: Argumentative Essay

The humanities is a useful subject, especially in any healthcare field, as it promotes an understanding of different cultures and histories, which is useful when caring for people from different backgrounds to ensure the best possible care is provided. Nicholas Kristof in his article ‘Starving for Wisdom’ starts a story of a country that has become so consumed by the Internet that we are losing critical thinking skills in the process, and I couldn’t have said it better myself. He...
2 Pages 752 Words

Reflection on the Completed Humanities Class

When I knew that I had to take a humanities class as part of my nurse training, I couldn't understand why. I thought it was a total waste of my time and I sincerely started the class with the idea that I had to pass it with good grades and move on. But just a week later I realized how wrong I was. On many occasions we have heard or read that university professions are separated into humanitarian and scientific....
2 Pages 792 Words

Important Insights I Learned from My Humanities Course: Reflective Essay

Art is extremely necessary for our lives. It constitutes one in all the oldest forms and, most significantly, it shows a mean of expression developed by man. It's a language, that is charged with feelings and significance that has sprung up among men inhabitation. For this, I’m glad to experience the wonder of art. Learning about the humanities is meant to create us students with a better piece of knowledge and to understand that the mere possession of information and...
2 Pages 897 Words

Critical Essay on Humanities and Art Appreciation: A Field of Creative Innovation

“The arts and humanities teach us who we are and what we can be. They lie at the very core of the culture of which we are apart”. This wonderful saying by Ronald Reagan reveals the powerful connection between the study of humanities and the arts. The study of humanities through the understanding of human beings in the world based from their languages, histories, and cultures encourage us to think creatively. Hence, this seeks to awaken the wonders of human...
2 Pages 745 Words

Changes in the Humanities Over the Last 100 Years: Informative Essay

The last 100 years have been a whirlwind of change, from the Industrial Age to the Technological Age. The question should be what hasn’t changed? As just about everything else has. Politically the landscape has descended into right-wing crazy land for the most part, such as Donald Trump. There was and still is a fight against liberal members with fake news all the rage from the White House. Even in Australia it’s not much better with in party quarrels that...
1 Page 504 Words

Hernan Cortes' Impact: Critical Essay

The year was 1504. A cruel, greedy, ruthless, wild, and relentless man by the name of Hernan Cortes decided to set sail to The New World in order to establish a better life for himself after receiving an education in law and Latin in Spain. He left university at 19 in order to follow his interest in alleged tales of Christopher Columbus in the New World. In the New World, he worked with the governor of Hispaniola who would eventually...
2 Pages 865 Words

Difference between Science and Pseudoscience

Science is the intellectual and pragmatic action incorporating the systematic study of the structure and conduct of the physical and normal world through observation and experiment. It constitutes a body of knowledge and the process to which we can increase new knowledge that includes cautious observation, experimentation and statistical methods to affirm or dismiss a theory or hypothesis (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2015). This means that in the process of increasing knowledge, science unfolds something new by going above the...
1 Page 636 Words

Phrenology: How Pseudoscience Defined Modern Science

In the late 1700s, researchers were interested in finding ways to link the brain and specific behaviors together, or essentially, brain mapping. One of these researchers was a German born physician, Franz Joseph Gall. He came up with five basic tenets including that the brain is the organ of the mind and is composed of distinct innate faculties, which means that each faculty should have a separate organ in the brain. He also claimed that the size of the brain...
2 Pages 949 Words

Cupping Therapy – Science or Pseudoscience?

Cupping therapy is an ancient Chinese form of medicine that is still used to this day to cure many different conditions. Some people believe that anything practiced medically must be scientific, however that is not always correct. Whether cupping therapy is a science, or a pseudoscience, is not yet proven. Cupping has been depicted as a special therapeutic method, but the evidence provided is controversial. Causation and correlation are a major factor of the medical method which often gets confused...
4 Pages 1655 Words

Body Vibes as an Example of Pseudoscience

Pseudoscience tries to imitate real science, but lacks the rigor and accepted standards of the practice. It can be dangerous and unethical; therefore, it is critical individuals are aware of the numerous characteristics and red flags that can alert consumers to whether a product may be based upon pseudoscience or genuine science. The website advertising Body Vibes demonstrates many pseudoscience features including a reliance on authority, lack of empirical evidence, claiming to treat a vast array of problems through natural...
2 Pages 781 Words

Acupuncture as an Example of Pseudoscience

Acupuncture is a traditional form of medicine primarily used for pain relief that has been in practice for thousands of years. Although many people believe in it and its benefits, it’s a pseudoscience, meaning it does not qualify as a real science. Even after thousands of years of development and changes, it is still not an effective form of medicine. For one, it does not pass the hallmarks of science. There have been hundreds of studies conducted by scientists and...
2 Pages 772 Words

Iconic Discovery of Tutankhamun's Tomb

Introduction Ancient Egypt has been at the forefront of archaeological investigation since Napoleon discovered the Rosetta Stone. From then on archaeologists have continued to discover new findings that all have iconic qualities. However, it cannot be denied that the most iconic discovery is Tutankhamun's tomb. This discovery stimulated a widespread interest in Egyptian history known as ‘Tutmania’, an outcome that had not been witnessed before the twentieth century (Stevenson, 2019: 153). This sudden interest, stimulated by additional factors, enabled the...
5 Pages 2055 Words

Electronic Discovery in the Legal Industry

Executive Summary Electronic discovery is changing the way evidence can be presented amongst both parties and the judge. In the early stages of civil litigation, the exchange of electronic discovery between two parties is a critical process that involves the deliverance of electronically stored information, also known as ESI. ESI is different than paper documents because the information is created, manipulated, communicated, stored, and utilized in a digital form. For this procedure to occur, it requires the use of computer...
3 Pages 1434 Words

Definition Essay on Archaeology

Archaeology can be defined, as the ancient and recent human past thus, the study of human history and prehistory through material remains. Archaeology is a scientific research discipline that delves more into the history of humans, the things they produced, the materials they used, and the material things they discarded. Archaeology is a subfield of the study of all human culture. Archaeology can deal with the four million-year-old antiquated remains of our ancestors. Archaeology is also the ultimate discipline tasked...
2 Pages 963 Words

Archaeology as a Multidisciplinary Science

Archaeology, in general, can be considered a science and a branch of humanities. The definition of quotation to this broader group of sources indicates actually that archaeology attracts upon many specific disciplinary methods, methods, and questions to handle its central trouble perception of human lives through the find out about of material stay left from the past. Archaeology is seen as the aggregate of sciences which are applied in relation to each and every other. Archaeology possesses both elements of...
1 Page 617 Words

Testimony after Narrowly Escaping The Bermuda Triangle

Is there any more mysterious place on earth than the Bermuda Triangle? This is the most mysterious part of the ocean, and many people cannot return. This is an abnormal area. It is sometimes called the Devil's Triangle. The hideout of aliens, some secret military experiments, and the gateway to another dimension are some theories about the Bermuda Triangle. These theories are far from reality as we know them. These strange events can even be traced back to the time...
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