Search For New Resources As The Reason For Space Exploration

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One of the common criticisms about advancing space exploration and space research is that “It is a waste of precious money and resources that could and should be used to improve life on Earth”, but in reality there is only so much resources available on Earth. Eventually there will not be enough supplies and resources for everyone or anyone. It is inevitable that a catastrophic global event will transpire causing humans and animals being forced to leave and inhabit the closest habitable planet from Earth due to the rate of consumption of all the materials and resources as well as the rate at which global warming is increasing nowadays.

Or maybe evacuation will be imminent to a cause that is beyond the control of humans, such as a colossal earthquake, an asteroid collision, a fast spreading illness, a chain of volcanic eruptions, a catastrophic flood, a massive uprising of toxic gases, a global famine, or maybe even a highly successful species of plant or animal that will force most if not all life on Earth to become extinct either due to competition, overhunting/overgrowth, overconsumption, or potentially all of them combined.

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Eventually all life on Earth will have to vacate the planet in search for a new one, and based off of scientific studies the planet that is closest to Earth and is the most habitable out of any of the other planets in the solar system is Mars, Mars is the most habitable planet besides Earth because thanks to relatively recent studies and discoveries in September 27, 2012 there has been frozen water found through the cameras of drones.

On September 26, 2013 the Martian soil has been discovered to be fertile, found holding nutrients such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride which makes it almost perfect for growing crops, even though the soil has also been discovered to have perchlorates which are toxic, however to get rid of the perchlorates all that is needed is to pour water on the soil and the soil will no longer be toxic.

Judging by the discoveries in 2012 and 2013 about Mars having direct evidence of water and fertile soil, Mars is a great candidate for relocating life from Earth, the only problems are the fact that there is no oxygen which can be solved by having scientists living and managing several outposts on Mars that are connected to greenhouses for growing vegetation packed with oxygen so that eventually after many years the crops will be supplying the planet with oxygen.

Relocating to Mars will not just be beneficial in saving the human race but this action will also be saving 8.7 million species of animals from the Anthropocene Extinction which is happening right now due to the evolution of Homo Sapiens and is the sixth mass extinction in Earth’s history, and if not acted upon millions of species will be driven to extinction, including humans.

As of 2019 there is a total 41,415 species in the world that are endangered including plants like the Western Prairie Fringed Orchid, Rafflesia Flower, Georgia Aster, Wiggin’s Acalypha, Texas Wild Rice, and Howell’s Spectacular Thelypody as well as endangered animals such as the African Wild Dog, Amur Tiger, Great White Shark, Asian Elephant, Orangutan, Broad-Headed Snake, Trimeresurus Insularis, Polar Bear, Scalloped Hammerhead Shark, Blue Whale, Whale Shark, Philippine Eagle, and the Green Sea Turtle just to name a few.

To add to this all of the organisms on Earth either threatened with extinction or unendangered would have the possibility to survive by doing further and further research on space exploration and the probabilities of how to make Mars support life.

In conclusion, space exploration as a topic should be executed eventually for the sake of all lifeforms on Earth, a lot of the people who say that “space exploration is a waste of time, money, and resources” do not really know the consequences of staying on Earth for much longer considering as of 2019 there is approximately 12 years before the temperature of the Earth rises one degrees higher and at that point global warming will be irreversible, so hopefully before the Anthropocene Extinction commences and even if those 12 years are wasted and global warming is irreversible there will be enough knowledge about inhabiting another planet like Mars and finally in the nearby future have the technology appropriate for colonizing Mars.

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