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Why Everyone Should Learn A Second Language

Language deeply influences one’s life since it is us humans way of communication. People all around the world uses languages as a main source of communication with one another. Considering there are approximately 6500 languages exist on earth, it is essential to know at least two languages in one’s lifetime to communicate amongst individuals from different nations. People that are bilingual or multilingual show a better understanding of difficult circumstances, find useful solutions, and are prone to make well thought...
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Pedagogical Insights Into Second Language Learning Via Virtual Learning Environment

Abstract There are attempts to incorporate virtual learning environment (VLE) into second-language learning, given the highly engaging character of VLE. However, the lack of expertise of both tutors and learners often compromise the effectiveness of VLE as a language learning tool. This article seeks to identify the prominent weakness present in existing VLE systems and suggest possible solutions to enhance L2-learners’ learning experience. Introduction Born in a digital age, millennials harness the unprecedented benefits brought about by technology. One prominent...
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Factors And Approaches That Influence Second Language Acquisition

Introduction Some students learn faster and easily a new language than others. Clearly, some language learners are successful by virtue of their sheer determination, hard work and persistence. Nevertheless, there are other crucial factors influencing success that can’t be controlled by the learner. These factors can be broadly categorized as internal and external. Complex interaction of these factors determines the speed and facility with which the new language is acquired. This essay describes the factors and approaches that influence second...
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Motivation In Second Language Learning: A Historical Overview

Abstract The concept of motivation always regarded in human societies particularly for scholars and educational experts. In recent decades, there has been a remarkable growth of interest in the concept of motivation, many theorists and researchers in Educational Psychology have been put theories and particular role for motivational and psychological patterns on educational behaviours. In this paper, we review the theoretical perspectives that have been submitted over the past 4 decades and associated with language acquisition, this review also covers...
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Does Our Brain Change As We Learn A Second Language?

The human mind is a complex phenomenon, which continues to be investigated through neuroscience in great detail (Bassett & Gazzaniga, 2011). The structure of the brain is an intricate temporal and spatial multiscale, which composes molecular, cellular and neural phenomena, which together produce the physical and biological base for cognition (Bassett & Gazzaniga, 2011). Furthermore, each structure is organized into modules, such as anatomical or functional cortical areas, which form the foundation for cognitive functions that are adaptable to any...
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Why Schools Should Teach A Second Language

Throughout my school years, although I am quite young, I have noticed that most of my bilingual or multilingual acquaintances and myself show improved listening and the notice of fine details. They also had an impressive memory, which allowed them to learn another language easier than most students I encountered in Australia. Bilingual students who had to learn especially Japanese, French and core subjects in middle years, showed better scores than monolingual students who struggled in those subjects. Therefore, I...
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First Language Acquisition vs. Second Language Learning

Relational abilities or the capacity to chat is likely the most fundamental ability that people have as it enables us to move data to each other. People built up the utilization of language so as to impart hundreds of years back, it rearranged the way toward moving and assembling data. Over the time frame we began to gain dialects from the phase of early stages and created it throughout the years by improving the use of language structure and by...
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Second Language Learning In The Intermediate Phase

Due to our political background, accommodations needed to be made in our education system as classrooms are occupied by learners from vast cultures and different home languages (Myburgh, et al., 2004). As per the DoBE (2010) only 7% of school learners speak English at home but attend a school where the language of learning and teaching (LoLT) is English (DoBE, 2010). Behaviorists believe that learning takes place by supplementation, simulation and practice (Lightbrown & Spada, 2011). According to the Department...
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Introduction To Second Language Acquisition

PART ONE The child is seen to have some progress over the four data collection periods. He is seen to be using more number of questions by the third collection and the patterns are seen to be more clear by then. He seems to make a number of mistakes due to L1 transfer in his interlanguage. For example, ‘like you me not, Reidun?’, where he does subject-verb inversion as it is a yes or no question and he does the...
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Independent Effect Of L2-Gaming On Second Language Vocabulary

In today’s society the importance of English for non-native English speakers around the globe is undeniable. English as a language plays a key role internationally and over multiple domains, such as, the scientific community, technology, the media and many more (Dewey, 2007). It is clear that English has become the lingua franca among people who do not share their native language. Specifically, in Europe, English has become a significant part of the working and social life with its appearance in...
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