Second Semester College Goals

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Over break, I spent most of my time skating, and some time working. I also spent time with my family- both of my uncles from Quebec came here. I ate a lot of good food over break. On christmas, my grandpa came over and we ate a lot of food: lasagna, ham, corn, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, crackers and cheese, shrimp, rolls. Later I celebrated Christmas with my cousins- we ate a pancake brunch then exchanged gifts. On the last day before break ended, my other uncle came over and made us chicken, rice, and broccoli with champagne sauce.

I was not happy with all of my grades because my goal going into 1st semester was to get straight A’s. Even though I worked very hard in both, I didn’t get an A in Honors Chemistry or Honors Algebra 2. I was happy though, that I ended with a B in chemistry because I started the semester with a very low grade, and the highest my grade was this semester was an 86.

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I was very happy with my non-academic ventures. I am a competitive figure skater and I have worked very hard to keep up with the physical, social, and mental demands put on me. All of the goals I have made for skating have been met or have gotten very close. My competition season starts in April, so I am hurrying right now to decide on the music I use for my program.

I can improve by working a little bit harder and studying every day. I can also figure out a better way to take notes so that I can study from them more easily. Another thing I can do is I can stay organized to keep myself on track to success.

Yes, I will improve because my parents expect me to do good in school. I also want to do good in school so I can get into a good college and get scholarships to go to that good college. There is an level of expectation that I hold myself to, and one of these things I expect from myself is good grades.

One thing you can do to help me be more successful in second semester by giving our class more partner work. I think that sometimes I can learn from my peers, especially if I don’t understand something. Another thing you can do to help me be more successful this semester is rephrasing things. If I ask a question about a topic, it probably isn’t because I don’t understand it. It is probably because I don’t understand the wording.

My academic goals for the new year are to: get straight A’s, work as hard as I possibly can in all of my classes, do well on all of my tests and quizzes, and do better this semester than I did last semester. My personal and athletic goals are to: workout every day in 2019, to grow my artistry in my figure skating, land a specific jump in figure skating (a double axel), to be more flexible, and learn a list of skills for figure skating.

Something positive: we are more than ½ way through this year, and summer is getting closer by the day!!

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