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Self-Assessment Of All The Academic Writing Skills And Crucial Academic Competencies Learnt In Class

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I was more drawn to communication as a skill and critical thinking. With supporting course goals which are; to develop own voice, style and sense, to read texts carefully for analysis as well as to learn them to advance my exploring ability of own ideas on any topic, and finally to develop critical thinking skills that I will be able to apply in writing; uniquely both analytical and explanatory essays.

​Nonetheless, it is essential to note that for good and excellent academic writing, an individual will have to demonstrate good, thoughtful and bright ideas. The ideas should be simple to enable the reader understanding ability with less effort. On the other hand, writing can be very good with good points and ideas, but the literature shows little to no effort. Therefore important consideration should be weighed on excellent communication skills and critical thinking.

​For the sake of close analysis and insights from exploring ideas, sometimes, stating clear rules and expectations in your mindset is essential. This notion will help improve individuals writing skills, mainly writing analytical and argumentative essays. These essays rely heavily on the use of retelling stories. However, it is not exactly telling the reader what is taking place in the book, article, movie, or storybook. But it depends on the power of critical thinking. The analysis should aim to explain in details what they write insinuates, perceives, and even personal contribution and response to the arising themes for consideration (Cappelen Damm). Besides, with excellent critical thinking, the effectiveness translates to good communication skills.

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​Imagine dedicating all your time and strength to reading a particularly an extensive block of writing with each idea muddling into the next. Regardless of how thrilling the novel is or exciting the news article might be, an individual will lose interest and focus on what the author is trying to deliver. Consequently, I consider it essential to contemplate yourself as the reader. Probe yourself if you can easily pay attention to the point you are trying to create. Therefore the best way to effectively develop own voice, style and sense to the audience. The writer should separate all the logical and manageable chunks. Here’s the free advice, separate a single paragraph should only focus on the main idea and grant coherent sentences to support the points. It is, however, vital to express great concern to the purpose of writing, tone; this is best expressed by the writer’s attitude on the subject of expression, and the audience who are the final consumers of the information ( Nevertheless, the target audience should be the intended group of individuals.

​Critical thinking, on the other hand, is best expressed when evaluating writing and analyzing complex, controversial issues. Furthermore, I may advise students to critically assess any form of writing before coming to any conclusion of judgment. Nevertheless, an evaluation is the act of judging the value of something to determine its worth. In most cases, an assessment is not only influenced or verbalized by the set principles but also encourages personal view and erstwhile knowledge. For example, a company administrator may complete his/her employees’ performance score by evaluation of the subordinate established on the company’s objectives and projections even though the review will entirely depend on the supervisor’s judgment and preceding experience. The single-mindedness of evaluation, in a nutshell, is to determine the performance of employees at work.

​The same principle can be translated into academic writing where a reader’s evaluation will heavily depend on his/her opinion, justification, and topic of discussion. Moreover, educational assessment can also be influenced by the prior reading of the document, knowledge and experience with the topic issues (Watanabe-Crockett). In conclusion, typically because evaluation relies on the point of view and reason, it requires a lot of critical thinking coupled with excellent analytical skills and synthesis. However, good communication skills are pertinent for translating ideas into writing.

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