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Development of Self-Concept: Analysis of Universal Self-Theory, Self-Esteem, Self-Verification and Self-Enhancement Theory

Our experiences develop us into ourselves. The self refers to who we are and our beliefs about attributes and attitudes (Baumeister, 1999). We develop ourselves as we try to find answers to the universal questions of ‘‘Who or what am I?’’ (Markus & Hamedani, 2007). Self-concepts change and we can have multiple self-concepts overtime (Baumeister 1998). Cross cultural psychology assumes that culture exists separate from the individual and influences our personality (Church & Lonner, 1998). Furthermore, without culture there is...
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Self- Concept and Emotional Maturity among the Adolescent Children of the Unemployed and Employed Mother: Analytical Essay

Abstract Aim: To evaluate the self-concept and emotional maturity among the adolescent children of the employed and the unemployed mothers. Introduction: Self-concept and emotional maturity play a very important role in society. Currently, the situation has changed and women have started seeking employment outside their homes for their necessities. One of the significant contrast between grown-up psychiatry and kid appraisal help is that in grown-up mental, looking for help is the primary wellspring of the data. Materials and methods: A...
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Interconnection of Self Image, Self-Concept and Self-Esteem

Self Image It is critical to have an idea on the way one sees oneself since this has an effect on one’s thinking, behavior and relations with other people. People react positively or negatively based on confidence and this confidence in relationships relies on the image of how one sees oneself. How others view you and how you view yourself are two different things. One’s views are defined by both unique thoughts and twisted views. Seeing the positive and negative...
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Self-Esteem Versus Self Concept​: Argumentative Essay

Self-esteem vs. Self Concept​. Self-esteem is how you are feeling about yourself, whereas self-concept is what you know about yourself, such as your shortcomings and qualities. Humanistic clinicians accept self-concept is more imperative than self-esteem. They too accept self-concept is the key to progressing and growing stronger inside our possess lives, which our self-esteem holds us back. Typically imperative in my possessive life since it can offer assistance to me to move forward my self-concept instead of centering on my...
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Analytical Essay on Self Concept: Self-Actualisation Tendency, Self-Acceptance and Introjected Beliefs

Carl Rogers believed that for a person to grow in society they needed to be in an environment to help them develop a healthy personality. With this kind of environment comes openness, acceptance and empathy. If a person does not have this kind of environment while growing up, Carl Rogers believed that a person would not be able to develop a healthy personality for one’s self and relationships with others. The self-concept is made up of how a person see’s...
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Critical Review: The Linkage of the Self-Concept to Social Media

Introduction Technology plays a vital role in the present generation. Majority of tasks and activities people do today are aided by various forms of technology. Some of which include doing laundry by using a washing machine, accomplishing school or work responsibilities through the utilization of online applications, and interacting with other people by making use of handheld devices. The possible primary reason why people intertwine their lives with technology is the efficiency brought upon by this branch of science. Consequently,...
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Self-Concept As a Continuous Development of a Person: Argumentative Essay

In a world full of mysteries and unbelievable things about life, most of us, human beings tend to ask and ponder about some of these kinds of questions as we grow older. We also tried to understand and considered the possible theories or the perceptions of our great philosophers, psychologist, scientist and other well-known persons about self-concept. These people came up with their views about this topic and presented it to the world which helped some individual to give thought...
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Self-Concept As a Continuous Development Process: Reflective Essay

What is the self? Who am I? Which parts of you is “I”? What make makes me “me”? Have you ever questioned who you really are? Is there really a “self”? How are we able to recognize or know our “true self”? In a world full of mysteries and unbelievable things about life, most of us, human beings tend to ask and ponder about some of these kind of questions as we grow older. We also tried to understand and...
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Perception and Self-Concept Analysis as the Basis of Making Family Planning Ads for Male in Surabaya

Abstract: One of the things that is still in the spotlight for the Surabaya City government is the population density. It makes city officials take strategic steps to increase public participation in family planning program. One of the programs being promoted is male family planning with vasectomy method. In order for this pro-gram to be widely known, public service ads will be made. The ads take consideration of perceptions and self-concept of the target. The method used in this research...
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An Interaction Effect of, Parenting, Self Concept, Style of Learning and Thinking on Career Aspirations of Pre-University College Science Students

Education is never ending process, which is intricately interwoven with life, enriching the individual with a variety of experience, kindling the flames of knowledge with constant probing into the mysteries of life, within and without. Each educational institution should produce educated, intelligent individuals who can think independently not a mass which can be manipulated. Rationale for the study – Empirical Evidences for the selected variables. The research studies conducted so far in the areas of students Parenting, Self-concept, Style of...
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Who I Am: Defining My Self-Concept

The question, ‘Who am I?’ is simple yet profoundly difficult to answer. Oftentimes, I thought I already have a definite picture of who I am, but when pushed to articulate it I falter and fail to form a clear overall picture. I could respond with my name, aspirations in life, gifts I possess, and talents I have perfected but these are merely reflections of who I am as a human being. Nevertheless, being able to answer this question could lead...
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Self Concept Test among Western and Non-Western Children from 18 to 24 Months

Numerous developmental studies have found Western children show signs of self-concept from 18 to 24 months of age which is significantly earlier than children from non-Western cultures (Broesch, Callaghan, Henrich, Murphy & Rochat, 2011). The most common method used to asses a child’s recognition of self-concept, the objectified and identified sense of the embodied self, is the mirror self-recognition (MSR) test. The basis of the MSR test is surreptitiously marking a subject’s forehead then allowing them to view themselves in...
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Self Concept in Practice: Counselling of Hearing Impaired Individuals

Hearing loss is a widespread condition, affecting approximately 432 million adults globally (World Health Organization, 2014). In general, having a hearing-impairment, whether it be mild or profound, makes communicating with the outside world difficult. A major focus of social work is to advocate for the rights of people at all levels (IFSW, 2014). When working with individuals with a hearing-impairment, it is imperative to establish a dialogue that invites information about the history and nature of the loss. Hearing-impairments range...
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Self Concept through Prism of Socialization

The question that arose from our discussion concerns whether the concept of self is formed through the interaction with others or if it is solely based on the individual. As we go through life, nothing stays consistent, we come across new situations, we develop and we progress. We learn about other people’s perspective regarding us through the action of meeting and bonding with others that are uniquely different. This in return has an impact regarding how we perceive ourselves and...
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Self-Concept of Teacher Identity in Northern Ireland

Over the course of the first ten weeks of my study of education, I have developed a wide knowledge of the key aspect of Teacher Identity. This simple aspect permeates the entire study of education and plays an important role in many other aspects of the study. Through my study of education, it has become apparent that Teacher Identity is based solely on the individual and their values as well as emotions. Professional identity is defined as “one’s professional self-concept...
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Comparison of Western Psychology with African Psychology Based on Self Concept

We live in a world that is so often conformed to one specific way of thinking. We have to expand our reasoning, step outside our comfort zone, and be willing to see ideas from others’ perspectives. In this essay, two Western psychology theories – Psychoanalysis and Humanism – will be discussed as well as the African Psychology theory. They will be contrasted to show the differences and the importance of providing African Psychology as an alternative to Western Psychology for...
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