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Self-discipline Aspects And Evaluation

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In this assignment we are going to be looking at self-discipline which is being able to control yourself and your feelings. We are going to record our self-discipline through a report over 2 weeks. It will consist of 7 different areas; presentation and personal grooming, punctuality, reliability, composure, attitude, performance, personality. All of these 7 areas are essential as they contribute to you being able to control yourself in the correct manner.

We were looking at our presentation/appearance meaning we had to be well groomed and presentable. Punctuality is being on time for instance; a staff briefing. Reliability is being trustworthy for instance; between the public and an officer. Composure is having the ability to control your feelings in extreme scenarios, like if you were responding to a fire. Attitude is having the correct mind in terms of wanting to succeed. Performance is being able to work to the best of your ability and not the bare minimum. Finally personality is important as you will need to be approachable and understanding especially if you’re an officer in public.

A positive of my report is that is achieved fours for my appearance in all my lessons, this shows that I take myself seriously in terms of grooming and making sure I follow the dress code. This is important in the public services especially as you have to follow certain rules regarding the uniform. When you work for the police you have to make sure you stay professional and represent the police well by maintaining a positive image. I have done this at school by wearing the correct uniform and making sure i stay smart and represent the school in a positive manner.

Another positive of my report is that I was punctual and attended all of my lessons. This shows that I actually wanted to go to school and this is important in the public services because if you are constantly late then you can end up being fired. It will also show if you are interested in the actual job and not that you are being forced to go in on time. If you are always late then there is a chance that you will miss out on key information for instance; in the police force there can be staff briefings early on in the morning and if you’re late then you could lose some vital information on the day ahead. In the police force bad punctuality can leave other people in danger or vulnerable. Some services may not even hire you in the first place if they know how bad your attendance and punctuality is because employees of the service are automatically role models for the public, so they have to make sure to represent their service well.

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On the other hand, one thing which I can improve is my performance in lessons. This can be done by avoiding distractions to stop me from losing focus on the task and will allow me to get work done quicker, such as; my phone and speaking to classmates. I could have aimed

to get more work completed and not just the minimum. Keeping good performance levels are extremely important in the public services. You have to make sure you are working to the best of your ability and providing the best possible service for the public as they are the ones relying on them.

I could have also improved my organisation when getting work completed and meeting my deadlines. Instead of doing multiple different tasks at once I should have focused on one which would have allowed me to work faster and less likely to make any mistakes due to the less stress. Completing the work which was the most important would have improved the quality of my work and focusing on one task at a time would help me by making sure I meet all of my deadlines. Having good organisation in the public services can be beneficial for you as well as others because you can work efficiently with other services. Employees of the services need good organisation especially when working with other services because there are lives on the line and they need to reduce the chance of the disaster escalating by communicating effectively and having a plan ahead.

In conclusion I have learned that there are various aspects of my self-discipline that I can improve from the results of this report. I learned that I could improve my performance during lessons by avoiding distractions and staying focused in class. I could also improve my organisation by improving my organisation by prioritizing work which needs to be done. Some of the positives from my report was that I attended all my lessons and was punctual, I also made sure I was dressed in the correct uniform was presentable. I learnt from the mistakes that I made and I will improve on these aspects in the future

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