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Self-efficacy And Motherhood

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Self-Efficacy is one's knowledge of how well one will complete a certain task. Also, self-efficacy is something that comes from within; how one was brought up and an individual’s approach at goals can determine the self-efficacy. I scored 63 out of 65 on my questionnaire; this equals out to be a 93 on a grading scale. When first looking at this assignment the first thought was on the self-efficacy score. I did not think the range would be in the 90s. I rated myself with a 3 on, if I practiced every day, I could just about develop any skill (Gaumer Erickson, A.S. & Noonan. 2018, pg. 175-176). Life experiences have pushed me to approach tasks with an idea that not everything is in reach. Several factors can come to play on rather self-efficacy was low in this department due to prenatal development and attachment studies.

There are 3 stages of prenatal development: germinal, embryonic, and fetal. A very important human ‘masterpiece’ the brain is developed, during the late embryonic stages between 3-8 weeks. Choices made during this time from the mother can affect how well the neurons communicate. The actions people take are held accountable for each thought and action, a human will have until the end of life (Belsky, 2019). The choice to take recreational drugs or drink alcohol can harm the brain development causing the baby to process information more slowly than others or potentially result in death. The hippocampus is an important part of the brain that helps with learning and memory. If the hippocampus becomes compromised an individual would be unlikely to produce an educated response and therefore neglect the ability to complete a task, no matter the practice.

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My family struggles with self-efficacy like many other families throughout their lives. They believed they could not complete college and for some even high school. They started using drugs and alcohol. My mom had me when she was 19 and lost my dad when I was 18 months. Bowlby believed the need for attachment was crucial and biologically embedded in individuals (Belsky, 2019). Attachment is an emotional bond between relationships, such as a parent and an infant. Primary attachment is vital for development, relationships built during early life can determine one's mental health. The attachment response was to be physically close to the mother. The thought is the attachment stages would drive the type of person an infant will become. Throughout ages, especially toddler years, the kid could become easily distressed when guidance is absent. The phase that they call ‘landmark’ stage is the clear-cut attachment stage. This is when the toddler needs to feel physically close to their caregiver and see that someone is watching (Belsky, 2019). After age 3, they will develop an internal working model and take what they learned and use them in other relationships throughout their lifespan.

Psychologists believed an infant with an insecure attachment will face more difficult problems (Belsky, 2019). The belief that they will not succeed will dismay any tasks they may have potentially set for themselves. Studies showed oxytocin can alternate the sensitivity to the insecure attachment. A caregiver can be universal. My nurture was my grandmother. I moved a lot between my hometown of Quincy and Alton growing up. I would get securely attached to my grandma more than others. She became my social reference, and now today I have high self-efficacy when handling motherhood!

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