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Self-Efficacy And Personal Identity

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Self-Efficacy is a person’s belief that they can accomplish a difficult task or challenge. My self-efficacy can lead to growth mindset if I believe that I can accomplish a difficult task or challenge. I can accomplish a difficult task by practicing or studying hard. I can also use positive self-talk to keep me focused on positive thinking instead of negative thinking.

Self-talk is the practice of a person talking to oneself aloud or mentally. Self-talk can be positive or negative. When I talk to myself I usually do it before I do something big, like a play or a sporting event. I also make sure it’s positive self-talk because it will keep me focused on the positive instead of the negative.

Self-knowledge is the understanding of one’s self-motives. My self-knowledge is that I am respectful, kind, and trustworthy. I am great at soccer and baseball. The subjects I’m good at is ELA, Math, and science. These are some of my self-knowledge examples.

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Self-concept is an idea of the self-constructed from the beliefs a person holds about himself or herself. I believe that everyone should have equal rights no matter what their skin color is. Another one of beliefs is that cancer should not exist. These have helped me be the person I am today because I would support all of the human race and people. The other one has helped me because cancer is continuing to infect and kill people. Half of the population has died from cancer.

Self-worth is the view that individuals have on themselves and perceptions of their own worth as a person. My self-worth is that if people have a good outlook on themselves fortunate things will happen. I view my self as good because I have a good outlook on my life and other peoples lives. I have developed a good outlook on myself because I think positively about life and other peoples lives. It is important to have a good outlook on life because you will succeed and good things will happen to you.

Personal Identity is the conscious awareness of one’s self. Being aware of all components of your makeup is essential to developing growth mindset. My physical characteristics are that I have brown hair, brown eyes, dark skin, and has glasses. My character traits are that I’m respectful, protective, happy, kind, and a fast learner. My generic traits are that I have Russian genes, I have American parents, I was raised in the US, and that I’m a US citizen. These are just some of the examples of my personal identity.

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