Self Esteem And Confidence: How Do I See Myself

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Self Confidence and Self Esteem is the key to success, or we can say, the first step to success. If one has confidence about something, he can surely achieve it, as my teacher has rightly said, “Our lives are moved by our actions, which take form by our thoughts”. So, if a person is confident about something, if he thinks he can accomplish his aim, he thinks that his dreams will be fulfilled, he can make this world a better place and he is unstoppable, he will surely be unstoppable, unbeatable, and in the end he will be what he thinks is successful. Self esteem and self worth is equally important for every person, it makes you realize how important you are, not only to others, but also for yourself. It helps you in believing yourself and relying on your own abilities. Self love is essential for a happy and contended life. The fact that nobody is perfect is not easy to accept but it is very important to embrace the flaws, disabilities, scars, bad past, and all the other imperfections of you and telling yourself that you are special, unique and a valuable person.

However, building self esteem is a very difficult task to do for many people, so it was for me too. When I was 10, I used to be very confident and lively kid, but still I didn’t have enough confidence to say NO to the things which were against my will. Afterwards, in my early teens, my confidence started to fade, the amount of criticism about my speech, body language, accent and other things from my mates was increasing day by day, I still couldn’t figure out if those words were due to jealousy or I was bad in real? Those criticisms reduced my participations in school’s extracurricular activities, and other events. I always got position in my class, and this was the only thing I was confident about, but my confidence transformed into over confidence in no time. One shall always know the difference between confidence and over confidence, as confidence is the elevator towards success whereas over confidence is a strong push downstairs. After my bad grades in my matriculation, I felt below the ground, this happened due to my over confidence. I had no idea what to do next, still I chose my desired field of education in intermediate, but it also went terrible. I had bad grades, I was gaining weight, had no work to do, I personally didn’t like myself. I had a very low self esteem at that time, I felt like everything I do or related to me will end up bad. I used to hate my appearance, my art and myself. I hated my existence.

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Fortunately, I used to share my thoughts with one of my cousins who helped me about this issue after listening to me. He showed me how I am better than many people, he told me that my arts are great, he forced me to surround myself with the positive people and not the negative ones, he made me realize how important self love is, after which I concentrated on myself, started reading blogs, researched about my condition, tried to get myself into shape, and one day I read the following on the internet; “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”, Eleanor Roosevelt. Later, I felt myself improving, and I started to believe that NO is my birth right, and I will always keep on believing in myself no matter what happens, but I was unsure if I am doing this right. But as soon as I took admission in IUAC, fortunately, I got course of Personal Development, I realized that I was doing great, and I wish to learn more and improve myself.

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