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Circumstances Of Self Identity Formation In The Pillowman And The Good Soldier

Recent psychological theory illustrates that ‘Through the process of self-categorization (social identity theory) or identification (identity theory), an identity is formed’ (Stets and Burke 2000: 224) In order to scrutinise the panoramic act of constructing identity, it is important to look at individual identity in relation to and separate from social identity. I will review McDonagh’s The Pillowman and Ford’s the Good Soldier, two texts that construct and de-construct identity effectively. Both these texts present circumstances; social; spatial; temporal and...
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The Formation Of Self Identity Through Society And Profession

The Self in the Social World Who a person is, including influences from their environments, behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs, helps to form the concept the self. It is the small and unique interactions with others in the social world that helps a person to define his or her self (Fiske, 2014). Social influences contribute to the development of people from early on in life, and help to influence such attitudes and both personal and professional identities. One interaction during childhood...
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Retaining Self Identity In Cultural Ambivalence On The Example Of Swami And Friends

Abstract Culture is one of those aspects which are widely discussed by the intellects of various fields. Culture is defined in various ways and they prove to be correct when analyzed through the respective fields. Culture in its general term can be described as the set of instructions regarding the social behavior, habits, religious practices and manners. In the wider meaning culture is a way which makes man different from other animals or culture is a set of rules to...
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The Dress Influence On Self Identity

Dress from my readings I believe supports the theoretical perspective that identity theory can be referred to as interaction theory due to the way we talk, dress, address one another and our gestures, all lies within the values of the interactionism from the society in which one has spent most of their lifetime or years being a part of. Firstly, who we are as individuals reflects how we were brought up, what values have been instilled in us and society’s...
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The Search For Self Identity In The Novel Never Let Me Go

Art is a form of expression that comes from an individual’s creation. Whether it’s to be the creator or the admirer, the person’s interpretation is a true reflection of their soul. In his novel, Never Let Me Go, Kazuo Ishiguro creates a world where the main characters are torn between being who they are as clones and finding who they are as individuals. Ishiguro uses symbolism, imagery and characterization to highlight that, despite how humans see themselves as in control...
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The Concept Of Self Identity In Graduation, Shooting An Elephant And Black Men And Public Spaces

Identity is the characteristics, beliefs, personalities, and experience of a person or a group. Identity is a part of us and helps us make decisions. Identity is who people are, as they think about themselves, the way they view the world, and the characteristics that define them. In “Graduation,” Angelou wrote about her 8th grade graduation where a white person tries to belittle her and her race. Orwell records his incident in “Shooting an Elephant,” when he had to live...
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Essay about Home and Self-Identity

Homes are fundamentally an aspect of self-identity, we use them to differentiate ourselves from others, and present a physical appearance that expands beyond oneself. Having a home, however, is a universal concept no matter how straightforward the term is perceived. The notion may vary throughout individuals and lifestyles. My abstraction of ‘home’ was transformed as I grasped what the simple term had truly meant for me. I vividly remember when I was eight years old, and I went on my...
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Racial Identity of African American Women of the Harlem Renaissance in Nella Larsen's Works

The Harlem Renaissance was a time for cultural growth for African Americans, who had been marginalized and dealt with racism and discrimination in their own country. It was a cultural movement that took place during the 1920’s. Poets and writers such as Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston are easily associated with the movement; however, author, Nella Larsen’s contributions are more obscure, but still equally relevant and important. Though her most notable works are only two novels ‘Quicksand’ and ‘Passing’,...
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Essay on Components of My Identity

Religion Religion has always played a big role in my life. My parents are both very religious but allowed their children to find their own paths. Religious identity and conflict are present in Aminul Hoque’s book titled British-Islamic Identity. This is evident when the author says ‘Identification with British Islam for many third-generation Bangladeshis is a social construction lodged in contingency and conditional on certain structural and symbolic resources. Among others, these include a seemingly antagonistic foreign policy towards Muslim...
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How Do You Define Yourself: Essay

The word identity, according to the Oxford Dictionary, simply refers to “the fact of being who or what a person or thing is”. But what is concealed behind this definition, what is the underlying meaning of one’s identity? Throughout the year psychologists have extensively researched the roles human beings look to define themselves as. From psychology, we understand the complexity of our brains with the ability to distinguish events, cultures, relationships, memories, and many more tasks, developing the personal traits...
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Why Is Identity Important: Essay

In the university, people learn about “identity” so much. What is the importance of knowing own identity? Many people have experienced to think about this question “Who Am I?” Usually, many Japanese university students spend a lot of time to find answers, because when people enter the university, they can meet so many kinds of people and get many new experiences. For example, start a part-time job, join a new community at university, study more specifically than high school and...
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Personal And Social Identity: David Elkind And Erik Erikson's Theories

INTRODUCTION The study of Society and Culture enhances the development of social and cultural literacy, primarily focusing on the interactions between persons, societies, cultures, environments and time. Founded upon conceptually based topics, a variety of cross-disciplinary concepts are drawn upon, utilizing a series of social and developmental theories in the teachings of personal and social identity. In an attempt to better understand the development of identity and social self, numerous theorists have constructed explanations to account for these processes of...
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Immersing Myself In Nature To Help My Mental Wellbeing

“Reading that article was the first hint my subconscious gave me that I wasn’t okay.” I’ve put this essay off till the very last possible day. Anytime my lecturers ask me to write something for my assignment, the question that pop in my mind is always, ‘When is the submission date? The deadline?’ It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing, but these assignments gave me such a strange and creeping anxiety. It’s happening right this very second, as the words...
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A Shift In Self-Identity Because Of Chronic Illness

When diagnosed with a chronic illness, suffering can be all-encompassing, and those affected with experience a shift in self-identity (Charmaz, 1983). Self-identity, simply, is ones perception of themselves, shaped by formative experiences and values, and used to guide decision-making and actions in ones life. Ones self of self is closely tied up with self-image, whilst also contingent on the gaze of the other (Nanton, Munday, Mason, Kendall & Murray, 2016). Chronic or life-limiting illness can irrevocably damage these self-images, triggering...
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Multicultural And Social Issues In Psychology: Diversity Identity Self-Evaluation Paper

The case study was very interesting and very realistic as to how people deal with on the day to day basis. It is imperative that we understand not everyone is obese because they have an eating disorder some, really deal with health issues that cause obesitys and other problems. I found it interesting how this disease causes several disorders due to the type of cancer involved. I have had several friends or and family members not all have dealt with...
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Twelfth Night In Relation To Gender Identity And The Nature Of The Self

Twelfth Night explores the concept of gender identity by Shakespeare’s use of masking and role play. Through multiple characters, he causes the reader to contemplate gender identity and the nature of the self. Cesario and Viola’s transitioning suggests multiple different concepts that are researched throughout the story, such as Cesario’s romantical issues with Olivia and Duke Orsino or the role play of different characters. Twelfth Night deeply explores the concepts of gender, masking and role play through the character of...
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The Emphasis on Identity, Self and Community in Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter

The Scarlett Letter is somewhat considered romance novel written in 1850 and set in Puritan Colonial America. Nathanial Hawthorne, its author, invites us on a journey that follows the life and death of Hester Prynne, a young woman left alone by her husband who has long been gone, and feared to have been killed by native Americans during war. She ends up having a child through the crime of adultery, leading to much judgement and her eventual ostracization from the...
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Genres And The Identity In Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go And Jennifer Egan’s Black Box

In this essay, I will explore the way Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go and Jennifer Egan’s Black Box deal with genre and identity. Ishiguro combines science-fiction and bildungsroman in his work to depict the touching story of a human clone, Kathy H, as she develops from childhood and faces her fatal destiny as an organ donor and to explore the politics of a system that seeks to delegitimise her identity and exploit her. Similarly, Egan’s work explores science-fiction paired...
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