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Self-Reflection of Organisational Behavior

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In this self evaluating report the main task is to reflect upon how participation in the workshop/ Organisational Behaviour team has changed my approach to team working. I found the workshop not just beneficial, but also interesting.

According to me, good team is the team which works equally and efficiently to achieve common particular goal. Every team member has their own ideas, views or opinions, and when these are combined all together, the team functions well and achieve that goal. Initially, we were all strangers to each other, so I thought we will not be able to unite well. However, when we started discussing our ideas, suddenly atmosphere became comfortable for everyone. We all sensed belonging and started working together on different activities.

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Each team member was not only learning on their independent thinking, but also appreciated and welcomed other ideas and opinions, thus to develop balance within the team and finish the common task in a peaceful and beneficial way. Every group member was communicating effectively, so that confidence could developed in our team. Plus, they were listening and respecting each others point of view. They were also supporting my views and considering them. All were relying on each others contribution to complete the activity. All members was having a positive attitude towards the workshop, it was kind of refreshing, helped me focus on the activity and being creative at the same time.

It was a great experience to work with my team in different activities performed at the workshop. From this teamwork experience, I strongly feel the importance of teamwork and amazement it can bring for quality task completion and goal achievement. My group members were very flexible during all the activities. We all were willing to remain comfortable and positive in that environment. Maximizing individual strengths and minimizing awkwardness, conflicts or weaknesses, any team can have great balance and each team member can play better. This teamwork activity will help me to coordinate with others and put people’s interest in the first place in the future. In my future job, I will be able to keep harmonious relationship with my boss and colleagues.

I believe I will be a good team player in the future. By helping and encouraging one another along the way, the whole group can make some inspiring things happen. For me, teamwork consists of hard work, commitment, sacrifice and dedication. I want to be a valuable asset to my future team by delivering what I have promised for and on time. By being a good team member and working effectively, I feel many new opportunities will be open for me. I can be invited into high profile groups or business critical projects. Also, when I will be working efficiently, others might see me and try to work hard. This will generate a higher level of creativity and productivity. Plus, it will also create a sense of coordination and cooperation within the team and all will mainly focus to accomplish the common goal. In this way, I feel I will be beneficial to my team in the future.

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