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Senenmut and the Temple of Hatshepsut: Descriptive Essay

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In a world where more and more people choose to move to the cities, the density of people living in the cities keeps growing every day. This has boosted the construction of taller buildings to contain and sustain the flow of people. To help with the issue the use of better-engineered columns and pillars to support the tall structures has become a necessity. “Senenmut is credited to be one of the first architects to use column in construction; the complex of Hatshepsut is an example of his work”. In this perspective, meticulous research in Senenmut’s life and his work and columns history will help understand better his ingenuity and the fairness of this statement. It is however impossible to describe the work of Senenmut without talking about his patron “the great Hatshepsut” because even though Senenmut was the architect but most of the credit belongs to Hatshepsut’s reign. Hatshepsut was the daughter of Thutmosis II, she was born around 1507 BC and became her reign over Egypt at the beginning of the 1470s. She is known for many accomplishments like: “the temple of the complex at Karnak, the simplified plan of the New kingdom at Karnak, the topography of Thebes and one of the most unique and striking monuments in Egypt-her temple at Deir el-Bahri” also known as the complex temple of Hatshepsut which Senenmut was the architect of. Her legacy as queen is palpable and has made it easier to understand ancient Egypt.

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Senenmut was born in Armant, Egypt in the 18th century. Very limited information is known about his youth and adult life, if not that he participated as a supervisor in the construction of the twin obelisks (which were known at this time as the tallest structure in whole world) where he gained his experience in the construction. Around the end of the 15th century, Senenmut was commissioned by Hatshepsut (who was considered as God’s wife of Amun) to design and build the structure.

A Column is a structure used to support a heavier structure. It varies in shape, size, and use. In ancient Egypt, the column was used to support pyramid and as decoration in the design of temples, the temple of Hatshepsut is a blatant example of their use. A column has different parts: a base, a shaft a collar, a capital, an abacus, and an architrave. The most commonly used columns in Greek and Roman architecture

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