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Destiny Rodeo in the Novels 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'Sense and Sensibility'

Jane Austen was a very popular author in the eighteenth century, and her fame is still recognized today. Some of her most famous works include the novels Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Sense and Sensibility. While all of her novels had different storylines, they revolved around a common theme. This common theme shared between all of Austen’s novels is that women are burdened with unfair expectations and social norms. Pride and Prejudice is undoubtedly Jane Austen’s most popular novel, and...
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Essay on Marianne's Development in 'Sense and Sensibility'

The two sisters speak to two completely different types of human personalities, and this differentiation between the two sisters has been outlined for us by Austen at the very beginning. Elinor has a quality of understanding and a coolness of judgment by the goodness of which she, however just nineteen years, is fit for being her mother’s guide. She can’t, through methods for these characteristics, hold within proper limits her mom’s energy of psyche which would, in some way or...
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Essay on Masks of Society in 'Sense and Sensibility'

Marriage as an essential for women to gain a favorable social standing is a common Austen theme. In Jane Austen’s era women were expected to settle in their households, they were very dependent on their partner’s income and financial status. Unlike any other woman, Jane Austen was well-raised and had a comprehensive education. Through her passion for reading and writing, she was able to reveal the ugly truths of society in 18th and 19th-century Europe. Set in the late eighteenth...
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Essay on 'Sense and Sensibility': Movie Review

Choose one of the movies listed at the end of your lecture notes to watch. From what you have learned about the Age of Enlightenment decide if the filmmakers did a good job portraying life in the 18th century. You can discuss costumes, social structure, architecture, art, or anything that catches your attention. Movies “Sense and Sensibility” During the 18th Century era, women could not own property or have their own wealth because women were involved largely in managing the...
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Critical Analysis of 'Sense and Sensibility'

“Sense and Sensibility” written by Austen is a book about two women named Elinor Dashwood, and Marianne Dashwood, and their families. In my opinion, the title means the relationship they have with their significant others. I think this because they show sense which means to have restraint and they show sensibility which means to give way to emotion. These two words describe the two main characters’ personalities and the way they act. The genre of this book is romance novels....
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Essay on 'Sense and Sensibility': Character Analysis

Apart from the overarching theme of marriage deals, social status, and interpersonal relationships, Austen interweaves characters and community into liminality and personal growth journeys. Consequently, this personal self-reflection and rectification will result in the heroines instilling social change. Austen places the Dashwood sisters in a position where their personal growth is urgent, setting them amidst a social world that is starkly different from their previous one. Marianne is the more innocent and lively of the sisters while Elinor adopts a...
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Comparative Essay about John Willoughby and Colonel Brandon in 'Sense and Sensibility'

The book introduces us to two characters who are love interests for Marianne. We’re first introduced to Colonel Brandon in chapter 8 Vol 1, pg. 28 in the book. Colonel Brandon fell in love with Marianne in their first encounter, he loved how Marianne sang, and how she garnered his attention thoroughly. Colonel Brandon was much older than Marianne, in his mid-thirties, and wasn’t as handsome. But he was rich, had a good estate, and has dealt with his fair...
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