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Service Level Agreement Of Coast To Country Parks

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Purpose of the Document

This document’s main purpose is to study, investigate and research SLA (Service Level Agreement) for Caravan park called Coast to Country Parks (CPP Clubs) which has many independent caravan parks which provide accommodations to members of the public club in every Australian state. The report demonstrates about Service Level Agreement (SLA) along with their main components, description of the service catalogue and IT SLA criteria recommendations.


Coast to Country Parks (CPP Club) is recently settled travel accommodation which objective is to provide enhanced services like other clubs by building loyalty amongst the members of the public joining the club. Traditional caravan parks have been substituted by new high-quality ones and many independent caravan parks which are at distinct disadvantage for variety of reasons join together to form clubs like CPP Club which offer quality services to customers. Presently, the people joining the CPP Club has been increasing. Although the IT team handles the increase requirement well but the club needs to know about Service level Agreement (SLA) since there has been concern about their level of service currently. Clearly, it is seen that the CPP Club needs the install the SLA to remain competitive and maintain high standard.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

SLA (service level agreement) is the term that takes place between patron and the provider which has a purpose of offering quality services to customers without inconvenience. Provider must make customer aware about the services they are going to provide before they sign up, which makes it all crystal clear and avoid any possible dispute. Generally, three types of SLA can be implemented which are customer-based SLA, hierarchical SLA and service-based SLAs. Well, coast to country park (CCP Club) offers their patron, a good quality accommodation and to maintain that. They definitely require proper SLA so that consumers could get the better insight of the service they are using. It comprises the list of benefits in detailed way with mentioning clear what can they provide and what could they not. Some of the entities can also offer one glance at their past services provided, which makes the customer comfortable and undoubtful but since the CCP club is new in the business, they could give it a try with the best services in the segment to their consumers. Loyalty bonus and other hot deals can attract more customers and terms and condition for this should be clearly mention in the SLA for CCP club.

Major components of SLA

Key components for SLA are

  • Foremost of all, service description should be there in the first raw that what sort of facilities and services are to be used by the customer when they sign up for the CCP club.
  • Reporting procedure must confirm in the beginning of the creation of Service level agreement.
  • Availability of their services must be there clarifying to the consumers what are the times and limits to using these services.
  • In the predictive approach, it must say about the responsiveness towards the specific matter if it occurs and approximately how much time would it take to fix that up.
  • Monitoring the efficiency of the services and their performance must be mentioned there in this technological fast paced world to value customer’s time.
  • Any fines should be clearly pointing out in the SLA in case of the breaching of the terms and condition or any dispute for that matter so that customer can talk plausible in these types of scenarios.
  • As the CCP club is new, they might encounter some newest problems so it should comprise all possible contingencies of obstacle in the services and their outcomes under which SLA says under which compromises whether a club can be liable of or not.

Service Catalogue

A service catalogue is a rundown of sorted out help that any or all business performed for, by or inside an association. A help resembles an administration instrument for everybody which empower to think about the administration and a point identified with administration, for example, who own it, responsibility and why they are work. A help list which give such sort of data has a controlled yield, info and cycles.

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The service catalogue should be designed with the end customer in mind. Most importantly, the information necessary to request a service needs to be clearly defined with easy to understand instructions

For CCP club a service catalogue must be implemented in such a way that It can generate the tracking system from customer, request and discovery of service. A CCP catalogue must have element such as;

  • i. Name of the service.
  • ii. A clear and description of accountability and ownership for the service.
  • iii. An identification label so that service type can be known bitterly.
  • iv. A list of any supporting service
  • v. Request service types
  • vi. Associated cost
  • vii. Who can request the service?
  • viii. Service owner
  • ix. Costs associated with the service
  • x. Who to contact with questions?

CCP catalogue must be a part of Service Portfolio which is published to a guest and it support to sale.

Some of the benefits of system catalogue are:

  1. Increased customer satisfaction
  2. Improved resource allocation
  3. Reduced overall service costs
  4. Improved communication and collaboration


CCP Club should make the SLA inclusive of all the discussed details as above if they are aiming to increase their revenue in field of comfortable transportation business. However, the agreement can be divided into different types of services which can be the integral part of the IT vendor contract. It is important for the businesses related to IT sector. CCP Club needs to establish metric, reliability and responsibilities in one single document which is why SLA is such a good choice for that. However, it must pass through some legal procedures before getting approved. If not approved, then it cannot be used as the standard framework. The main focus of establishing SLA is to ensure that both parties have met the same level of understanding and is similarly aligned with technology and business so that any misunderstanding can be avoided.


In the following report, the benefits of SLA and ways to initialize the service level agreement for CCP Club has been discussed. In a nutshell, SLA is a legal contract bounded between a service provider and end user which is an important part for business. The elements of service should be decided which makes the SLA legal and always accepted by the customers to get better insights of the service available.


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