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Setting Goals At The College

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‘Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.’ (Picasso as cited in Houston, 2019).

I have always thought of the phrase ‘First Impressions matter’ (Shamim, 2017) and was quick to compare it with starting strong and setting goals. Like in a racing stadium, I believed it was about the energy and force with which an athlete picks up at the sound of the whistle. I also knew of the phrase ‘slow and steady (Henry, 2019)’ but technically did not believe in it. It was like I needed to set off even at the neglect of the instructor’s direction. I needed to start off this ‘music’, dictate the tone and the tempo. I thought of and believed it was about energy and some important skills but truly I guess I was so correct.

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I was wrong but not totally because before this lesson on starting strong and setting goals I believed certain traits/factors were necessary for starting strong and college success (Staley, 2016 pp.34-35). I believed at least in the need to study well, take notes and attend class regularly. And that was not all. I also was of the view before this lesson that too much media could be dangerous. I also knew that a certain amount of ‘professionalism’ was needed like going to class, knowing the rules, showing respect and investing enough time (Staley, 2016, pp.40-42). But were they enough. I could try to be in class, respect the teachers and do my assignments but that was all. I was purely not well-grounded on starting strong and setting goals.

One very interesting thing I gained from this lesson is that multi-tasking could be destructive especially when ignored or neglected (Staley, 2016, pp.43-47). I can say I was quite ignorant of its effects and consequences until the test on it was carried out. More so, I could now see that the word ‘Hope’ was not only of spiritual connotation but has academic implications and applications, especially when starting strong and success is needed (Staley, 2016, pp.55-57). But the greatest of all was that I have come to discover the need for values in life, the difference between dreams and goals and the necessity of setting these goals in the light of SMART AND FOCUS challenge or perspective (Staley, 2016, pp.58-62).

The story is now quite different and the lessons learnt and ready to be applied. I have a draft schedule of my activities and programs, plan of my workload, university code of practice, organized social and study life, a maintained balance between social life and other family responsibilities (McMillian & Weyers, 2012, p.19). I am now more challenged by my set goals and values. The picture is now clearer and the adjustments and repositioning already in place. It is a blueprint or a map in my hand, guiding me towards success; controlling my excesses and keeping me in track towards that ultimate goal and price.


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