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Several Moral Issues that are Faced by Teenager Nowadays

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The definition of drug and alcohol is the most of drugs and alcohols are very useful. Unhappily, the drugs and alcohols as a result of aging population is an increasingly serious problem and also teenagers tend to try the drug and alcohol abuse. For example, after the observation close friends they may want to try drinking or smoking and they will think alcohol and drug consumption make them calm and maintain a popular with friends. This situation parents and teachers always encourage teenager to become addicted to drug because an overdose can cause to serious complications. (SAHA, 2019)

The definition of lying is adoption, seems to be impossible to escape a lie because of the self-deception instance or because our role of social construction. (Borghini, 2019) As an example, teenagers frequently lay about their own shortcomings such as don’t like to go to school, drug or hidden pornographic materials and also, they lie it is because they never disappointed or hurt to their closest friend. Whenever they worry about their friends it is because their studies that may show an exaggerated or scolding them. (SAHA, 2019)

The definition of truancy is used to describe the term purpose unlawful compulsory education and the absence of compulsory. The term also will be disabling the students in their own free choices and doesn’t generally refer to the “forgive” absence of the legitimate. (K12 academics, 2014) For example, truancy can lead to bully, catching thieves, looting, cigarettes, drugs and crime but will turning to block one’s ears and not listen. (StudyMoose, 2016)

The definition of bullying is when a group of people or a person has greater power, again and again and deliberately injury or damages to another person has felt helpless. Bullying also can continue with the passage of time from adults are often veiled and likely to continue, if do not take action. (Alannah & Madeline Foundation, 2019) There are types of bullying and the teenagers may be considered to the physical attacks that establish the bullying such as relationship violence, sexual violence, cyber bullying and verbal bullying. An example, Bullying is the best choices to find for bullying of the most three part of commons such as control imbalances, reduplicative movements, voluntary behaviour. (Gordon, 2018)

The common factor of the moral issues that happen among teenagers is lack of communication with parents. Most of the teenagers in school when facing the problems, they do not know how to solve the problem and communicate to whom. This is because almost all of the parents are busy with their job and normally did not have time to communicate with their children. Thus, this cause the teenagers involve in the moral issues such as gangsterism, bullying and others. As an example, when the teenager has some conflict with his or her friends, they do not know how to solve the problem. But at the same time, parents are busy with the jobs and did not have time to communicate with their children. So, this will directly cause the teenager to involve in the social problem to reduce their stress.

Furthermore, peer influence also one of the factors of moral issues that happen among teenagers. This can be understood because all of the teenagers are having most of the time with their friends and thus their attitude will easily influence by their friends. A good friend can lead them to become a good person with the good attitude and behaviour meanwhile a bad friend can bring them to become a person who do not have moral and directly the image of that person will also be affected. For an example of such situation is that when the teenager is feeling that their friends are closer and understanding them than their parents, they will simply follow what their friends do. If their friends are smoking, then they will feel like smoking can help them to reduce the stress and can improve the relationship with their friends. (Perrone, 2017)

Besides, mass media influence also bring factor to the moral issues in which happen among teenagers. The reason why mass media can bring factor to the issues which happen among teenagers is because electronic media such as television sometimes display the TV show which contains the cigarette directly will affect or attract teenager to try it. But nowadays there are a lot of advertisement that anti-smoking in the movies or television. The advertisement sometimes will attract the teenagers in which they feel curious about the things and they never try it before. This show that mass media have played important role to ensure that they show a true and moral information to public not only the teenager. (Chakravarty, 2019)

Apart from that, lack of education can simply bring the factors of moral issues that happen among teenagers. Not only teenagers, public also need education to improve knowledge. So, people without a proper education skills and knowledge can lead them to social problems such as vandalism and others. All of the school especially kindergarten is lacking of giving the information about the social issues to the children. Since children are no receive the information in the stage of kindergarten, so they will not really understand about the social issues. Thus, the secondary school’s education is very important in order to make sure that all the student is received the information in the right way and ensure they are understanding about the social issues that should be avoided.

Generally, moral issues bring a lot of impacts to our society and it negatively influences teenagers. There are a lot of the impact of the moral issues that directly affect teenagers.

Image of teenager will definitely damage if teenagers have involving in the moral issues such as vandalism and others. This will cause their image damage as they have included in the activity that is harmful to them. Other than themselves but their family’s image will get the same effect too. Teenagers will be bewildered and scorned by the communities in the surroundings and next they will have trauma in themselves. Thus, the moral issues that teenager involved in will leave a deep impression on themselves. They will start suffering as their image been damage and they might think that why they still live in the world because of nobody will care about them and always to scorn them.

Furthermore, teenager will loss the chance to study. When student was involved in some moral issue which more serious such as teenager pregnancy, they cannot continue their education as well as they can. Without a good education and knowledge, they cannot get a good job in the future. This situation not only affect the teenager but also their next generation. Their children may grow in a family that have a low morale and also low education. When a person does not have knowledge, they will discriminate by other people. Thus, this will cause their children be underestimate by his friend or other people due to his parent problems.

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Following by the next, teenager will be immatures to do everything. According to the above situation, if teenager pregnant when adolescence period, they can’t to overcome the problem as what an adult will doing. They are lack of knowledge and experience to overcome the problem because it was the time for them to learn but not become a parent. Besides, it will be more difficult for them to find a suitable solution to solve the problem. They may easy to do immature things like abortion or abandon the baby after birth.

Moreover, teenagers will feel stress. They will be feeling stressful to survive in the society. This is because they have been discriminating by the society after they involve in the moral issues. Society may think that such people cause the image of country damage and also image of the citizen in the eye of other country will also affected. So, when the time the society start to push aside those teenagers who take place in moral issues, they will feel stress because of nobody are respect to them and difficult to find the job. Without a job, teenager is difficult to survive.

Solutions for moral issues that faced by teenager should be conduct by two main parties: school, parents.

Parents are the closest people to the teenagers in their lives. In order to overcome the moral issues, parents need to take care about their child’s mental health. Nowadays, teen suicide is common issues for the teenagers because they are too stress in their studies. Then, teen suicide also may happen because of bullying. Thus, the teenager’s mental health needs to concern to ensure they are thinking in positive way. As an example, parents should conduct an effective communication with their child to know the problems that faced by him and help to solve the problems as well as having a family meeting per week. (Preston Ni, 2015)

Then, parents should also limit the time of their child to play online games to prevent online gaming addiction. This is important to ensure the teenagers achieve balance between online and offline activities. The teenagers can do other useful activities during the time that cannot play games, such as gardening and playing football. However, the teenagers may not agree the time limits, so parents try to discuss with them via dialogue rather than enforce the unilateral limits. (Zur, 2019)

As the parents, we should teach the teen speak up on behalf of those who are being bullied. Parents needs to train their child to become brave person to face bullying.

Moreover, parents need to know their child’s interpersonal relationship through communication or social media that the teenagers always use. It is a good solution to avoid the hook-up activities and bullying. If the parent found that their child always chats with the strangers by using social media, they need to know that what are they talked. In addition, their child’s friends also need to be concern by the parents to ensure the friends have good attitudes. Then, parents should know that where their child go and with who when their child leave the home. This action can help the parents to find their child if they did not come back home at midnight to avoid hook-up activities.

School should hold the campaign that concern anti-smoking, sex awareness and other moral issues. This is important to raise the awareness of the teenagers about the disadvantages of smoking, hook-up activities and others dangerous actions.

Furthermore, school also needs to provide the professional counsellor to help the teenagers control their emotion and find the best way to reduce their stress, better than they decide to commit suicide. The counsellor can give guidance to the teenagers for tackling the problems which they might face in their school life.

In addition, schools need to conduct spot check to the students to avoid they bring cigarette, drugs or other prohibited items to school. After spot check, the students who bring the prohibited items will be concern of teachers to ensure they will not do it again. For these students, teachers need to be taken attention to them to ensure them aware about the disadvantages of drugs and cigarette.

Finally, school should allow the teachers to do home visits to build a strong relationship with the parents. Through home visit, teacher can know the student’s behaviour at home and the relationship between the students and their parents. As an example, the teacher found that the students had signs of being abused by his parents, teacher need to do home visit to communicate with the parents to know the reasons and try to avoid domestic abuse.


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