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Sex Same Marriage Misleading The Concept Of Traditional Marriage

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There is no doubt that today, gay marriages tend to get lost in abstraction. It is one of the most commonly debated subjects among many culture of Americans. Those in favor of legalizing gay marriage believe it is unconstitutional to deny rights of Americans. Although there are some people who advocate for gay marriages, permitting gays to marry will cause controversy to the traditional views of marriage. In recent polls, statistics show that Americans are now shifting their views of gay marriages and slowly accepting them into their society. In results as more supports of gay marriage grow the contemporary issue would then inevitably stir up controversial interest. Many believe that marriage cannot be generated by any legislators or political leaders. Instead, it is the individuals choice on who they should marry. Gay marriages harms today society by misleading children, changing the concept of traditional marriage and leading us down a “slippery slope”.

Television (TV) shows are now adapting to the ever-changing family structure in the United States (US). Recently network stations like Nickelodeon, Disney, and PBS kids are airing shows that display gay couples. In my opinion, TV shows should be aimed at sports, education, and social skills. Sexuality should not be shown on kid TV shoes. Showing a homosexual relationship on TV shows will likely lead to a conversation that some parents may not find age-appropriate. At some point, usually around d the age of puberty, parents will have the talk about sex and maybe sexuality. Displaying gay marriages on tv too early may cause parents to talk about sex and sexuality before puberty younger kids may bring the conversation a little sooner than expected. Gay marriages should not be displayed on TV for children. It can be misleading for children who are not of age to explore sexuality]. Imagine a five-year-old asking their parents How to do two men create a baby? This question should not be in the thoughts of a five-year-old. A question was asked on, asking would it be inappropriate for television shows aimed at kids to show an openly gay character. Forty-five percent said yes. If this showing of gay marriages continues this may cause children to be confused about gender roles and expectations.

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Another impact is that gay marriages would further weaken traditional family values essentials. Andreas J. Köstenberger author of the Bible teaching on Marriage and Family quotes “The Bible defines family in a narrow sense as the union on one man and one woman in matrimony which is normally blessed with one or several natural or adopted children.” This informs society that the aspects of marriage are complementary to males and females. The male and female role is designed to procreate. Homosexuals fall short when it comes to the area of procreation. They are not able to fulfill God’s creation mandated for humanity to be fruitful and multiply. The homosexual community is not by God. If God wanted the world to have same-sex marriage, it would be made possible for them to procreate. Homosexuals would argue that the bible does not forbid homosexual relationships, but the Bible does state God’s unreasoning about homosexually take 1 Timothy 1:10 “For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for menstealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other things that are contrary to sound doctrine. The bible prohibition refers to homosexuality at large, not solely to unnatural forms of it.

Gay marriages could also lead society down a “slippery slope”, giving people in polygamous, incestuous bestial and other non-traditional relationships the right to marry. Can you imagine a day where it would be legal for daughter and father to marry? Or even a man being able to have multiple spouses. Glen Lavy, J.D senior counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund, argued Los Angles Times “The movement for polygamy and polyamory is pose to use the successes of same-sex couples as a springboard for further deinstitutionalizing marriage. A federal district court in Utah rejected the claim of polygamists that the legalization of same-sex marriage compels the legalization of plural marriage also. The polygamous plaintiffs (Kody Brown and his four “wives,” stars of a reality television show “Sister Wives”) appealed but the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit rejected their claims for lack of standing because they had failed to show that they faced a “credible threat of prosecution.” Kody then took the case to the Supreme Court of the United States which also declined to consider an appeal by Mr. Brown and his wives. In Brown v. Buhman, the appellants sought to have the high court hear their challenge to a Utah law that not only prohibits polygamous marriage, but which also bans cohabitation by married persons with others to whom they are not married. The Court refused to consider their claims. Even though the Supreme Court denied Brown’s request if Americans continue to move away from the traditional ways of marriage one day it will be hard to reject the claims for polygamy.

The full insertion of same-sex marriages is one sense of a large change. What the constitution indicates, is that whatever the state decides to do in this area will be done on a basis of equality. Although this is certain it will not change the beliefs of the negative impacts of it being misleading to children, changing the concept of traditional marriage, and leading us down a “slippery slope”.

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