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Gender Identity And Sexual Orientation Discrimination And Harassment

Gender Identity is how one identifies himself from within. In many cases, one’s gender identity can correlate with their assigned sex at birth, but in some cases, it can differ. Sexual orientation, on the other hand, is your sexual attraction to other people (Human Rights Campaign). Some common sexual orientations can be described as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or asexual. Within the last few decades, we have seen various changes regarding gender identity and sexual orientation. In 2015 same-sex marriage, which...
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Will The Sexual Orientation Of Parents Affect Childhood Development?

Rachel H. Farr conducted a longitudinal study during the early 2000’s to see whether parental sexual orientation effected childhood development in early to middle childhood of children that were adopted (Farr, 2017). The participants for the study were recruited from five private adoption agencies from across the continental United States, where adoption by same-sex couples was legal (Farr, 2017). The researchers conducted the study over two time periods 2007-2009 and 2013-2014 with a gap of five years in between the...
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Is Paedophilia A Sexual Orientation?

Paraphilic disorders are characterised by abnormalities and disturbances in one’s sexual behaviour and attraction which causes significant distress and impairment to personal functioning. Paedophilia is a psychosexual paraphilic disorder involving sexual attraction towards children below the age of consent. Paedophilic attraction is mistakenly used synonymously with child molestation, this is present in the diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5). The DSM-5 diagnosis criteria for paedophilia requires the occurrence of sexual behaviour towards children for more than...
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Factors Influencing Sexual Orientation Of Men And Women

Recently, in western society sexual orientation has been a large topic of discussion. Kauth and Kalichman (1995) defined sexual orientation as “the cumulative experience and interaction of erotic fantasy, romantic-emotional feelings, and sexual behavior directed toward one or both genders” (p. 82, as cited in Wilkinson & Roys, 2005, p. 66). Yet, questions arise with regards to the etiology of sexual orientation, which prompted the investigation of the question: What factors influence sexual orientation in men and women? This paper...
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Sexual Orientation: Gender Identity And Gender Studies

In today’s world, gender has been an overlooked topic in society. But what some may not be aware of that there are more than just your basic male (boy) and female (girl) gender. Hence, to point out clearly, there are many different genders that people in the world use to identify themselves. Our generation needs to understand and know the variety of genders that are out there, as it is important for what they want to be known and referred...
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Sexual Orientation Uniformity And Gender Equality

Sexual orientation uniformity is considering guys to be females as being of equivalent status and worth. We can’t state we have sexual orientation fairness until we have dispensed with the silly predisposition that individuals have against someone since they are female. Equivalent rights are insufficient. Imbalance exists in our brains, in our predispositions and partialities and the remaining parts to be fixed. Sex-based viciousness in schools undermines the privilege to training and exhibits a noteworthy test to accomplish sexual orientation...
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Moderating Effect Of Sexual Orientation On Conformity To Gender Norms Among Female Students

Abstract The present research delved into sexual orientation and its effect on women’s conformity to gender norms. Sexual orientation refers to one’s emotional, romantic and sexual to men, women, or both sexes. In this study, sexual orientation was used to study the effects on women’s conformity, specifically, to gender norms. Introduction Background of the Study In a time where human beings are becoming more open in expressing their individual characteristics and having these unique characteristics accepted and celebrated, it is...
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Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity

In todays age, sexual orientation and gender identities are quickly getting acknowledged in our general public. Notwithstanding this progressions numerous individuals accept that having a sexual orientation or gender identity is a decision. As we as a whole know, the sexuality is another subject of conversation since it is fairly troublesome and befuddling. Sexual direction identifies with the sex of those to whom one is pulled in actually and impractically. Today, the word lesbian and gay are utilized to allude...
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Is Sexual Orientation Determined At Birth?

Most people usually would say yes to my question. Why is that? Why do individuals that are more for versed in LGBTQ(+) rights community or equality would usually agree to with this type of question. The Equality Act 2010 states,” You mustn’t be discriminated against because you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual or heterosexual. This is called discrimination because of sexual orientation. Discrimination which is against the Equality Act is unlawful.” This law depicts that sexual orientation is somehow linked with equality,...
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Sexual Orientation Trajectories

Brief Overview A critical factor in understanding health disparities lies in defining the status of sexual minority groups over an extended development period. Lack of quality and unanimity in the methods used to collect, operationalize, and analyze data is a critical barrier, especially when sexual orientation begin to emerge. The age between adolescence and the late 20s is the most affected since many disparities are in the developmental process. In this regard, the article “Sexual Orientation Trajectories Based on Sexual...
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