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“Shaheen Bagh's Protest”: Black and Fake Truth For the Country

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This beauty of democracy is that everyone has the right to speak their own words. But this need to think: not to violate the freedom of speech of anyone else. Peaceful Protest is the right of every citizen. Baba Sahib Ambetkar said that if Constitution will be used for the right things, then everyone will get the benefit.If we start using it wrongly then this provision will have no meaning.But for a few days, what is happening in Shaheen Bagh is neither in the benefit of the country nor of the people.These are the ideologies of some political party and crumbling gangs which break the country.

Today the image of our country is suffering due to the movement of Shaheen Bagh in the world. It is giving a wrong message: about India. This is causing a lot of damage to the image of our country. In a developing country, this kind of movement which has been going on for a long time, hurts the economy a lot.Some countries are using this movement wrongly, which are showing the wrong image of India.Today the people of Delhi are getting a lot of problem because of all the atmosphere of Shaheen Bagh is very tense. Today countries like Malaysia, Pakistan and UK are using it wrongly.What I have seen so far is that some people have been sold fear and have taken advantage of them.

Citizen Amendment Act is a very good step of the Government of India, which will give our people the right to live.When India was united, which they had decided to stay in Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan after the partition, this act was for them. Because Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan have declared themselves as Muslim countries.Due to this, there is harassment with minorities in the country every day.They are not religiously independent, they cannot express their religion.His sister and daughter are picked up and raped and their religion is changed. They cannot fight for their rights because they run the Muslim law.

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The National Register of Citizens has not yet come to this bill or any date and format has been told by Govt. Then this bill is very beneficial for the citizen of the country. Why are people in our country living without (legal document and visa) intruders and using jobs and resources here, which is the right of us and our children?Secondly, this is a threat to the country’s security.Becausethey have no identity, they indulge in criminal activity. They easily get involved in activities like against the nation, because they have no fear.It is like a termite that is hollowing out the country. If they have to come, then they should come with the proper document and contribute to the development of our country.

National Population Register These are used by government for count population of the country.So that the government makes its own plan ahead how to reach the total scheme to the people. How to change their lives and what else to do in the country, which is necessary for development. BasicallyFor this Governments’ future plan. It cannot cause any harm to anyone and it is for the betterment of India. How to keep the country people connected with the country and its main stream.It is used in betterment of people and his life.

If truth be told, today’s Shaheen Bagh has become a political stage. Where, all the illegal activities are happening in the name of saving the Country. Where, some parties are running their own agenda. People are being misled and their brain is being washed. Some leaders provoke people to his own political benefits. They have nothing to do with this movement; just they are brightening their political careers. This is simple vote bank politics in which people are being misused. Today’s movement has been hijacked by the wrong people and they are using it for their own benefit. They are harming the image of the country. There are some media journalists who are working sincerely for Desh Virodhi Gang. Some organizations are involved in this, where funding is taking place, otherwise such a big movement cannot be done without funds.

As long as the citizens of any country are not aware, these people will always keep taking advantage of them by using them. We have to learn to distinguish between right and wrong and not take what others say to be true. Movement can be done for a country which should be used for right things and not for wrong things. Movement should be in places where no one has problems. Because everyone has the right to speak his words in Sambidana (Constitution), feet do not crush anyone’s rights. The citizens of the country need to be strong against this, because we do not let the intentions of the ‘ Tukde Tukde Gang’ succeed.

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