Shopping at Walmart VS Shopping at Local Stores

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In this modern world almost, all people like to go in big stores to buying their groceries such as Superstore, Walmart and no frills. Now a days most Canadian buy their groceries from Walmart because, Walmart provide variety of things services and prices of the products. However, some people also like to go their local stores to buying their groceries these local stores charge high prices, but they provide fresh and organic products which helps the local economy to grow. When Shoppers think about buying their groceries they always think about going to the big stores, such as Walmart. Because of the variety and prices of the products that they offer. However, there are other places to go when you think about groceries and items for your home; local stores. This stores you could find fresh and local products for a little higher price but its more organic and helps the local economy to grow. But does Walmart have fresh and local products? This may be a question that the community might not be thinking when buying their groceries or needs in stores. In this paper, it will be shown each side of the coin; Walmart and Local shops.

Shopping at Walmart

Quality of products at Walmart stores

Walmart has made an initiative about promoting transparency and products quality. They have created three transparency strategies to show the customer what kind of products they are buying. Enhancing food and general merchandise product safety, reducing chemicals of concern and Promoting animal welfare. These three strategies help the customers to know what they are buying and what they are eating, because now people do care for what kind of products they are putting inside their bodies by showing the ingredients that each product has, they even created a policy for it and asked brands to show the ingredients on their products because they care about their customer satisfaction and last, Walmart has a policy and supports the Five Freedoms; Freedom from hunger or thirst, discomfort, pain, injury or disease, fear and distress and freedom to express normal behavior towards the animals .

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Locality of Stores

Walmart has shown in increment of stores across the world by having a total of 11,735 stores worldwide. 4,761 in the U.S and in Canada 410 stores . There are 16 Walmart across the GTA in Ontario. This means that Walmart it's very accessible for many people across the city of Toronto and its surroundings. But, Walmart is not very accessible in the countryside of Canada. The only way that you might be able to go is if you drive many kilometers far from your home or even from local stores. Therefore, people are willing to spend more money on gas, than helping the local economy and local products.

Effect on local economy

The Walton family is one of the wealthiest family in U.S. , and they share the 51% of their company; Walmart. This company possesses different CEOs in different countries, in Canada the CEO is Lee Tappenden. Bringing Walmart to Canada has helped increase many job opportunities across the country not just by retailing but in construction, farms, factories, distribution centers among others . Global News in 2015, explained that Walmart is a U.S. company and their goal is to bring money that was invested back to their country, therefore the money doesn’t stay in Canada.

Shopping at local shops

Quality of products at local shops

Local shops across Canada has variety and enriching flavors that help your body to stay healthier and more motivate it. In Toronto, there are many stores to go when the community wants to buy local such as St. Lawrence Market, Dufferin Grove, Good Rebel, among others. Nowadays, people want to know more about where their food comes from, and who grows it, that’s why people are demanding more local shops and more local products . This is when local shops have the advantage because people are able to know where the products are coming from, which in this case are from the Canadian farms across the country. Although in this kind of stores the food might be a little more expensive and compare to Walmart the eggs may cost 2.27, in the local shops these kinds of eggs will be a little bit higher, therefore people decide to expend more money and more time driving than going to the local shops and buy a better and healthier product.

Locality of Stores

Around the GTA there are many local shops, even the convenient stores in the corners of our streets. They are very accessible for everyone not just by car, but just walking a few meters. Consequently, you get healthy food and good exercise. When it comes to buy in the countryside of GTA, thanks to Google Maps, you can find stores and events near your home and you are able to help the local economy to grow by buying near the farms.

Effect on local economy

Purchasing locally enables the nearby economy to develop because you are supporting the neighborhood families that claim Canadian ranches, which you make them increment their business and get sans GMO natural nourishment. Essentially, you are purchasing solid nearby sustenance, and helping individuals to develop their neighborhood organizations .

Shopping at Walmart or shopping at the local shops is a suspected that many us may have with regards to purchasing for our requirements. Purchasing at Walmart causes us set aside extra cash however purchasing at neighborhood shops enables the nearby economy to develop by supporting neighborhood items and neighborhood proprietors. Individuals are beginning to understand that purchasing shabby probably won't be the least expensive approach to live, claiming as opposed to strolling to the closest basic need shop you are pushing miles from your home just to purchase greater and less expensive than locally and more beneficial.


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