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Should Censorship Be Mandatory for Movies?

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If one’s friend jumps off a bridge would they follow? Most people are asked this question because they are doing something dumb that they saw someone else do. Now take that and apply it to watching movies and TV. If one sees or hears something on a movie, they are more than likely to repeat the action they saw or the words they heard. So, should movies be censored? Well censorship is mandatory for movies because they can lead to wrong doings, hate speech, and the influence of violence.

Many people make many bad decisions and it is most likely that it was because they saw it on TV or in movies. There are many murder mystery movies that are put out to the public and if someone with a messed-up mentality watches it they could become influenced by the actions the actors take. Society is not only influenced by actions but also by addictions promoted in movies such as gambling. Actions portrayed in movies play a big part in the world along with the language people hear while watching them.

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Now-a-days it’s almost entirely hard to find a movie that doesn’t have bad language in it. More and more children are starting to watch movies that they should not be watching at such a young age, which is kind of a down fall their parents parenting. Profanity is the biggest problem in today’s movies. It seems as if there is some type of cuss word in every sentence said in a movie and when the kids watch it they think it’s okay for them to say it, when in reality it is not at all okay for them to use that specific type of language. This can lead to a big rise is disrespect from kids which is definitely not acceptable in today’s society.

Speaking of not being acceptable in today’s society, violence is a big no. Kids and adults are watching these movies and are basically being taught how to fight. There is even violence in kids’ movies which is causing more and more fights to break out in school where they can become seriously injured due to some method of fighting, they saw on a movie. As a society we should be able to know what an acceptable behavior is, yet we continue to watch these movies with bad language and violence which is causing a bad shift in society.

Censorship should be necessary for movies and TV, especially for kids, because they can lead to bad decisions, bad language, and learning how to be violent. In a perfect society we would not need censorship because we would know the difference between good and bad behavior, and we would be able to balance out the good and bad. Children would not be watching things unsuitable for their minds and everybody would have a good mental stability but unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect society. We need to take the bigger step toward censorship because we desperately need it to protect the minds of little children and the mentally unstable. We need to do what we can to protect the vulnerability and innocence of society.

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