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Should College Athletes Be Paid For Playing?

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Playing your favorite sport should be more rewarding, imagine playing for a team and not getting paid. College athletes could be playing a dangerous game where they are risking at getting injured everyday not only in a game but at practice as well. I think they should get paid because some of them don’t have money for food and other useful things around their homes. There’s so much more reasons on why college athletes should get paid.

They take so much time out of their day to practice and improve. An college athlete averages 43.3 hours a week, that’s more than those who work a full time job. Not only do they need to focus on getting their education but they need to study and do their homework. If they get paid for playing and meeting their expectations on the team they should be able to get rewarded. Athletes would try much more harder in their games because who doesn’t want money, it would do so much good in their outside life but also for food and material in their home.

There were obvious reason on why college athletes should get paid. The only reasonable way they should be paid are for their jersey selling. The NCAA take the profits from their jerseys selling and they don’t even get what they deserve. NCAA rules state that “student athletes are not allowed to use their likeness for promotional purposes or monetary gain”. NCAA coaches often earn about $100,000 per year, even though for they work educational institutions and often have several assistants and advisors who help share the workload; This is a huge amount of money compared to teachers and professors who educated ten and thousands of students. Alabama Head coach made $5.5 million in 2013 and recently received a new contract worth $7 million each year.

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There are some reasons on why they shouldn’t be paid. One of them being that playing college football is a privilege and that they should recognize the opportunity they have to play the sport they love. Another reason is that they aren’t professional and they can get paid by working and making it to the pros like the NBA or NFL but there are many more. There are some players who would not take money seriously and waste it on drugs or some more useless things. There’s some truth in this statement but there some players out there who need the money either for their family or themselves, because they might not be able to pay for bills or food.

This is my most powerful statement that should be able to show everyone why they should. Sports are dangerous at times and could happen to anyone that could also affect how they perform. In football they are hitting each other with helmets in their heads which could cause a serious brain injury. Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots tight end has recently retired because he was concerned for his health which has cost a lot of fans to be emotional. The NCAA is an 11 million dollar industry, that’s a lot of money obviously.

Those pretty good reason on why they should get paid, players will try so much harder. It’s still pretty dumb that they aren’t getting paid yet, and hopefully in the future they will pay them. In my opinion they should’ve been getting paid, they’ll be so many others who would agree with me.

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