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Should Everyone Learn And Speak One Global Language?

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Taking precedence over one global language seems a good strategy from various aspects. Unifying languages in the world enable people to communicate with around the world, avoids miscommunication. However, I disagree with this idea. Ignoring local language limits knowledge expansion and cognitive ability improvements in education. Local language plays an important role to build one’s identity, skills and cultural background. Being multilingual provides brain functionalities, advanced job opportunities in this variable economic life.

Ignoring one’s mother tongue loses the chance for cultural heritage with grandparents, and eventually might result in the failure of building one’s identity and cultural background. This would miss business opportunities rooting local language once one grows up. Also, the side effect of encouraging a global language rather than the local language is to decline the quality of education. Kioko (2015) describes that since students have enough capabilities to manipulate language when learning with home language, learners are able to focus on educational engagement such as learning, questioning, making suggestions, answering questions and knowledge building with one’s own interest. Home language’s disrespect results in not only the cause of an individual’s poor academic performance but also opportunity loss of producing highly capable human assets in society.

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The process of learning new languages improves brain functionality and intellectual capabilities. Valoes (2014) describes that compared with the monolingual children, bilingual experience enhances the cognitive abilities such as organizing of thoughts and activities, task and time management, efficiency, and decision making. Also, learning foreign languages stimulate an individual’s curiosity for the cultural and historical background of the language, which gives a wide range of choices for a future career. These intellectual abilities shine in the different fields once children select their own specialities such as science, engineering, medicine. Because to become professional in those fields, students need to learn a wide range of topics of knowledge in a tight schedule for a long time, which would be required a high task management skill, problem-solving, mental toughness. Foreign language acquisition clearly benefits one’s life enforcing one’s intellectual strength and expanding social success in a long period.

Being multilingual enables an individual to migrate to another countries to survive in this severe economy. According to Valoes (2014) in his article “Importance of Language – Why Learning a Second Language is Important”, living in a country without communication is a severe handicap. It is nearly impossible to settle down in a community and adapt to a local environment without having a way to communicate with each other. After learning another language, the experience enables an individual to learn another new language because they already figure out how the experience of learning second language is different from one’s primary language. Learning a new language enables learners to choose countries to live with an individual’s preference. Some people migrate and spend the rest of their lives out of their homeland, which uses a language different from her/his language.

In conclusion, learning one global language should disagree because it prevents students from enhancing academic performance and losing one’s identity and cultural background, it prevents students from enforcing intellectual capacity and economic success, and it loses immigration opportunities. Although being a monolingual with a global language seems to communicate with people smoothly in the globe, the benefit is limited. The policy ruins the local histories, cultures and thoughts, that would block the born of the innovations and the discoveries of the centuries. If Christopher Columbus followed one global language policy, he would never actively learn Spanish and Latin and also seamanship. On the other hand, multilingualism fulfils intellectual curiosity and can be a tool to survive in an unknown society.


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