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Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized in the Country: Argumentative Essay

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What is marriage? You probably thought of a husband and wife. You’re not alone because based on Merriam Webster dictionary marriage is defined as a legal relationship into which a man and a woman enter with the purpose of making a home and raising a family. But haven’t you heard of equality? What is equality? I grew up thinking all human beings are equal, at least this is what I was taught. Accordingly, I was too young to recognize that the same genders might actually have feelings for one another. But what about you? Considering the buildout of “Gay Marriage”, it is imperative that every country should take this topic seriously. It is explained by the Cambridge Dictionary as “the marriage between two people of the same sex”. In truth, diversity gives rise to equality between human beings. Being legalized in 28 countries for now, which include different regions in the world starting from America to Europe, Australia, and Asia, gay marriage is a wide and a debatable topic that calls for many concerns. Now after I’ve grown up to become a person of a mature age from a middle eastern country, I’d love to know more about what is hidden behind the curtains. Does it have to be hidden in the first place? What I’ve actually tracked down is the reality behind the homosexuals who marry someone of the opposite sex and pretend they’re living a fairytale. Is it acceptable to build up our lives based on others’ opinions and beliefs? This might be an important cause of legalizing gay marriage.

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Upon its legalization, it has contributed to several changes in different fields. Are these alterations beneficial or not? Should other countries’ governments proceed in giving rights for homosexuals the to marry the person they love?

Although every person has the privilege to love, be loved back, and share a commitment with someone, is it in reality worth the challenge? How would governments of different countries and religions react to such a thing? How could it empathically impact society? Thousands of questions are popping into my head when I consider whether legalizing gay marriage should take place in all countries or not. Now I’m acquainted with the topic, but I’m looking forward to my exploratory essay, to deeply understand and hopefully find solutions and answers to my infinitely many questions. To be accurate, I set myself a goal that I’d like to achieve at the end of my writing, by tackling three main perspectives of the debatable issue of whether the green light for gay marriage should be introduced by all countries or not. How could it be grasped from a religious, social, and governmental angle?

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