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Should Juvenile Offenders Be Charged As Adults?

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When teenagers are growing up it is a time when our minds are not fully developed like an adult. In recent years juvenile crimes have increased. Some reasons could be from being pressured into doing criminal things or society making it look cool. These teenagers have trouble understanding and managing their problems which can lead them to prison. They do not always know what is right and wrong, sometimes they do not have the guidance or any good influence around helping them in the right direction. If we can give them the support and tools they need, they have a second chance of changing their lives for good and stay away from all crimes.

Life ‘s too short and we only live once, but what we do with our lives is our choice. Many kids are deciding to go the wrong direction in their short lives. Some teenagers become Juvenile criminals, and these crimes that these teenagers did goes to the Juvenile Justice, Department.

Juveniles can not be sentenced to death if under the age of 18, and also can not be given life sentences without parole because we see these punishments cruel for juveniles. It would not even make sense because the age of these juvenile delinquents is between 10 to 18. Some of these teenagers never had the chance to act in a certain way because of lack of experience and they never saw good examples.

Most common way teenagers commit crimes is after they have experienced bullying at school or any violence at them. They are not physically stable and can not react to the pressure. Also, teenagers who bully others or join gangs are seeking the attention and acceptance that they are not getting at home. Teenagers from a home where there is just on single parent working all the time can feel ambanded and wish for the feeling of belonging that comes with being part of a gang.

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Usually, these teenagers are from low-income families, whose parents could be alcoholics, drug addicts, or mentally ill people. They see this behavior of their parents and older siblings, and when they become teenagers, they start copying the behavior and acting in the same way. If their parents do not work and stole things they needed, the teenager would do the same. If they see aggressive and violence towards people, they would bully others. Being addicted to alcohol or drugs can lead someone to do awful things to get it. Even being taken to prison, they often become even more aggressive. Most of the time we listen and learn from our parents instead of others. If parents do not teach their child to see the difference between bad and good, the teenagers would not even know what they are up against and commit a crime that will face them the consequences afterward.

Another big cause of juvenile delinquency is financial issues. Having financial issues where there is an overwhelming feeling can set teenagers to problems later in life, including juvenile delinquent behavior. Financial issues can cause children anxiety or motivate them to steal, so they can have things that other families have or as what their friends or classmates have.

Who is responsible for these actions are the parents and teachers who did not notice the teenager’s behavior or any other danger. It is not right to punish teenagers who have not realized what they have done. Some of these cases could have been prevented if the parents were more focused on their behavior and any changes in their child. The most important thing for people is having a healthy relationship with their family, trusting relationships, feeling that you are supported and someone is there for you on your good times and bad times in your life. So, instead of punishing the teenagers for committing crimes, it is better to do everything to prevent them.

The top offense committed by Juveniles is theft and larceny. This offense typically manifests as shoplifting stealing a bicycle, or stealing from backpacks and lockers. The second type of offense is vandalism; this offense generally manifests as engaging in tagging and graffiti; scribbling on the walls of public bathrooms, keying a car and slashing auto tires. The third most common incident involves the possession and consumption of alcohol. The fourth most common offense refers to “disorderly conduct” and this can involve things like fighting in public spaces, using foul language to a teacher, or various forms of indecent exposure, from juvenile delinquency is basic assault or battery.

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