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Should Schools Adopt A Zero Tolerance To Bullying?

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Bullying as describes by CDC incorporates three attributes: purposeful hostility, a force awkwardness among attacker and casualty, and reiteration of the animosity which presents difficulties in law and policy changes (Dewey G. Cornell, 2016). Bullying is found everywhere in the workplace, at home and also at school. Bullying not only harms the person being bullied but also affects the society. Stories about young school going children committing suicide is on the rise in the world. Zero tolerance policy regarding bullying ought to be adopted in the school system to eliminate the rate of suicide among school going children.


Bullying is described as undesirable, forceful conduct among school going youngsters that includes a genuine power imbalance. Bullying is a rehashed example of forceful conduct where somebody in a place of intensity deliberately tries to hurt others genuinely, verbally or sincerely (Allen, 2018). Suicide is described as demise brought about by harming oneself with the goal to pass on. Attempted suicide is the point at which somebody hurts themselves with the aim to take their life, yet they don’t bite the dust because of their actions (suicide?, 2020). The Zero Tolerance Policy includes arrangements inside schools that students must follow and if by chance that they decide not to, there are negative outcomes regardless of what the conditions.

Forms of bullying

Bullying can take place in form of physical like beating, hitting, biting and destroying property. Another form is emotional bullying which consists of being gossiped upon, ganging up on someone, being excluded from a group, lying about someone, tormenting and even belittling someone. Verbal bullying consists of name calling, intimidation, insulting, racial or homophobic slurs. Social bullying is when one spreads rumors, humiliation, making faces, being unkind to someone and damaging one’s reputation.

Another form is cyberbullying. This is where one hides behind a screen ie internet and includes hurtful texts, gossiping, spreading rumors and excluding someone from the internet.


Bullying affects the well-being of students and also affects their educational goals. Children go to school everyday not knowing what they will face. Teachers see zero tolerance regarding bullying effective and shows lower paces of harassing among students, Schools with these policies assures the safety of the LGBTQ communities in school. It has also seen a reduction in bullying among the LGBTQ and effective intervention by staff (William Hall, 2018).

Bullying has serious effects on an individual and community. Some signs of bullying are depression, moods swings, not wanting to go to school, diet changes ie not eating or eating too much, withdrawing from society, cutting oneself, unexplained bruises, grades deteriorate, becoming quiet and suicidal thoughts.

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Prevelance of suicide

Suicide among teens and also school going children is on the rise world wide. This can be prevented by creating zero policies towards bullying in school. According to the CDC suicide is the third leading cause of death among teens in the USA. Every 7 minutes a child is bullied and an intervention by an adult is 4%, peer intervention is 11% and no intervention is 85%. Obese, gay and disabled kids are 63% likely to be bullied. 86% of bullied children who are bullied turn to violence in school. An estimate of 160 000 children miss school because of fear of being bullied. Suicide statitics among 10-14 year olds have shown an increase in suicide for the last three decades. In 2005, statistics show that 270 kids between 10-14 year old have killed themselves as a result of suicide (statistics, n.d).

The most recent to date school districts that have the Zero Tolerance Policy in effect are schools in California. Even though California is the most known, other states have this policy in effect. Students in school have known to back away from disobeying the rules but others are still the same, is their really a change in student’s behavior and safety with this rule in effect? California has an exceptionally broad arrangement of hostile to tormenting laws. On the off chance that you or your youngsters are right now the casualty of a harasser in California, understand that you have insurance and alternatives available to you (Law, 2019).

The zero tolerance policy regarding bullying has it’s pros. Students who engage in bullying should be expelled or suspended if they participate in this behavior. Continous bullying will eventually cause the one who is being bullied to depressed and eventually may commit suicide or come to school and kill other students as they have had enough. Zero tolerance policy also discourages bullying to some degree because students don’t want to be suspended or expelled. Schools should not stop at zero tolerance policy only but should implement ways to stop bullying.

Zero policy regarding bullying will keep kids safe from being bullied. Kids will want to go to school and actually learn without fear. They will be safe from physical harm and emotional harm. This policy also reduces favoritism. It doesn’t matter if you are black or white, Asian or Hispanic this policy applies to everybody. This policy prepares the kids for the future. The children will teach other children about bullying and about the consequences of bullying. They will have a better understanding about the policy and may also teach forward (Morin, 2020).

Zero policy regarding bullying may also not work. The policy may hurt both parties as both will be expelled if there was any fighting or a weapon in involved. Under a zero-resistance approach, a school official has no adaptability to consider the conditions in light of the fact that physical viciousness is unsatisfactory no matter how you look at it. It can take the teachers responsibility to teach the students. For example if the teacher hears a student threaten or bully another student he or she has no option than to report the situation. The policy can discriminate against the disabled. The disabled kids can be suspended and expelled and that can be hard on those kids as they already are going through something else. The policy does not take any age into consideration. A small child may have a toy gun in his bag and another older child could have a real gun, but both will be suspended or expelled (Morin, 2020).

Generally speaking, the Zero Tolerance Policy ought not be basically inside educational systems in light of the non-adaptability and dropout rates among center and secondary school understudies. This will be progressively useful inside the educational system since it will permit understudies to clarify the circumstance. Being adaptable will permit more understudies to get the order they merit, regardless of whether they were in an inappropriate or not. Having more projects and backing to help the understudies would diminish suspensions and removals. Instructors will have the option to educate and guardians would prefer to realize that their children are in a supportive domain more than one that is exacting.

Different guidelines, for example, 3 admonitions and a suspension would be progressively proficient in light of the fact that it will tell the understudy that there are rules, yet additionally telling the guardians that they are not very harsh. Learning conditions would be increasingly serene and schools will in any case be protected in the entirety of the states. Realizing that I am still for rules, individuals in other talk networks that concur with the Zero Tolerance might be available to this. A few people in that are genius may simply be on that side since they realize that rules are significant particularly in schools. I need schools to have runs quite recently not Zero resistance since it needs enhancements. This strategy has been known to be insufficient so as opposed to keeping it the equivalent, there can be changes to help better the understudy’s participation in schools. The present change can help upgrade tomorrow’s chances.

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