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Should Steroids Be Banned In Sports?

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Steroid use in sport is one of the biggest problems in sports today, or is it? People have mixed views and there are many arguments for and against the usage of steroids in professional sports. Some think its an absolute disgrace for the sport and totally against the spirit others think it makes the sport more enjoyable to watch as everyone can possibly be enhanced to an elite level. The first reason and most obvious is, it is against everything sport stands for.

Sports is meant to be a fair game for all, and the people who work the hardest claim the most benefits, such as big paychecks and a legendary status. It is unfair on every person who legitimately trains and puts in the work, also in combat sports you could quite literally be putting someones life at risk as u have all this enhanced power from the steroids. This creates a controversy between many fans, some argue people who take steroids should receive no punishment, and an overwhelming amount saying it should result in a hefty fine, or permanent ban.However there are some legitimate reasons people use steroids in sports, especially older stars as it can help them recover from injury faster and keep up with younger, fitter stars. A steroid can be the difference between athletes staying on top of the leaderboards, or plummeting to the bottom.

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A massive example of this was Argentina's Diego Maradona who by the time the 1994 World Cup came around many people thought he was finished but he played exceptional scoring and assisting in 2 games, but hours before a game against Bulgaria, Maradona was dropped from the World Cup for testing positive for five types of Ephedrine, a drug used to increase metabolism to lose weight and also a drug to increase alertness and awareness. Many people defend situations like this as they want to see top class play in every game from stars old and young.Another reason why steroids are banned from use in sports are the major side effects they can have on the athlete.

The anabolic steroid which is used to improve physical performance and muscle growth can have some worrying short time side effects, including acne, fatigue, trouble sleeping and impotence. However there are some even worse long term effects which include, elevated blood pressure, growth of breast tissue in men, heart problems, and most commonly a stroke. One of the most famous stars who has had long lasting issues after the use of anabolic steroids is Arnold Schwarznegger, who from a young age had a bad heart as he was born with a valve defect he was born with, but was fixed in 1997, but in 2018 Arnold required open heart surgery as he has a weak heart, many suspect is from the use of these steroids.

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