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Should Student Athletes Get Paid To Go To College?

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One of the biggest discussions in the sports world is should student athletes get paid to go to college? This type of pay is different from FAFSA and a full ride scholarship. I value these athletes having money for the essentials and necessities to live. Student athletes should get paid to go to college because their sport is their job. The amount of practice hours a week, the homework overload, all the traveling, and the amount of practice days during the week makes it hard for some athletes to get a job. If an athlete is on scholarship for their sport, they have to maintain their grades above a certain gpa. Which means if they do not do their work off the field, then there will be no more work on the field. While some have full rides and are getting their books and classes paid for, others can be walk ons or have half a scholarship where the money has to come out of their own pockets. If they do not have a job and some parents are not able to contribute much to pay for schooling, where would the money come from?

The money the athletes would be getting paid would come from the athletic department, depending on what school it is, it will come from the school as well and all the fundraising each sport does. These student athletes would get a monthly salary on a card, sort of like food stamps. They are only allowed to spend it on essentials like food, water, and clothing, but the clothing stores has to be within reason and not like Louis Vuitton. This salary would allow these athletes to focus more on their schooling and sports rather than when their next meal would be.

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College Pulse did a poling platform using 2,501 college students in California on the debate of student athletes getting paid. One of their main focuses was the compensation for student athletes and found that 53% of students are in favor for compensating the athletes and among the athletes, 71% favor in this as well. These athletes have worked hard to get where they are. Students at their own schools believe they should get salaries. There is a bill in California called Fair Pay to Play Act which is where athletes at colleges in California who make more than $10 million in media revenue would profit of their likenesses. College Pulse describes it as being similar to college athletes. If this bill passes, it will go into effect in January of 2023.

Labor Law Journal says the amount of effort and work these athletes put on the field or court leads to the amount of income these universities or colleges get. They can come from ticket sales, merchandise sales, and if the school is broadcasted on television, that revenue as well. These athletes could be taxed as a non-cash based employee compensation.

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