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Should Students Get Limited Access to the Internet? Essay

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Nowadays, with every passing day the Internet has become more essential for daily life activities. To get instant information or for any transaction’s the Internet became very useful and necessary. For students, the Internet has become more important because with the help of the Internet they will get their tasks done. However, a vital factor in every habit comes with some good and bad effects for the people who are habituated to it. Students are using the Internet so much therefore it affects their personal and social life.

Nowadays, students cannot focus on their studies because they are using the Internet all the time from morning to night for bed. Therefore, they cannot even pay attention to their family, it will affect their social relationships, they are started to ignoring their friend and loved ones and more importantly, it will affect them physically as well. It shows us that the excessive use of the Internet affects them mentally therefore they cannot concentrate or focus on their studies. In this case, if parents did not take any action against their usage of the Internet, then it would affect their career in further future.

Students are surfing various sites and contents on the Internet in their daily life. Some of the bad sites also included porno sites, students are watched many videos on the porno websites it will affect them drastically as one can form an opinion about a woman or a girl to make love with a girl or the worse to rape them and it causes crimes. Students consider using many social media to interact with friends and family and bad guys looking for younger students in the social sites to abuse them or to fulfill their bad intentions. In many articles and newspapers, it has been stated that many of the rapes on a girl happened because of the Internet and social sites. For these reasons, government should take strict actions to avoid these horrible crimes and restrict the usage of the Internet for students.

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Excessive use of the Internet causes physical harm to students. In this present time, the hobby of playing Internet games shows us that students feel lazy and weaker their eyesight. As an example, excessive playing of video games leads them to back pain and pain in their neck.

There are various search engines premises are available to get any kind of information about any topic. In this pandemic schools and colleges took exams of the students as an online test and it shows us that students cheat in their exam by searching the information on the Internet or another way discusses the topic with their friends on social media follows that answered accordingly.

Access to the Internet should be limited for the students to ensure better concentration towards their studies and focus on learning. It will restrict them to use bad sites and bad people cannot be abused and track on social networks. Many outdoor events will improve their social relationships and interactive nature with people.

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