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Should Teens be Smoking?

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Teen smoking is not okay and it is not healthy. There is some scientific results that it doesn’t relieve stress, it just becomes addictive due to the harsh chemicals that are in it.

It’s scientifically proven even, that preventing teen smoking will save those 1300 deaths that happen each day. Nicotine is a chemical that becomes addictive, and can cause someone to get high and kills brain cells. Teens shouldn’t be getting high and smoking anything. Once a person smokes anything, the chemicals in the product are going to become addictive. Most of the time what starts this addiction is wanting “to look cool” or wanting “to fit in.” The tobacco can cause lung cancer at a very young age. Dying before you’ve lived life to the fullest, is not a good way to look just to look cool. This isn’t an opinion it’s just a fact, but it’s not worth going through all that pain. Just smoking to look cool and fit in, and then get deathly sick is not worth it, and the majority of people don’t enjoy it. Dying at a young age isn’t worth looking cool, because it’s not going to end happy. Just attempting to come out as “cool” and smoke as a teen can’t and is not something to be proud of, to look fun and trying to fit in isn’t worth dying at a very young age or getting some disease that could kill you when you’re not expecting it.

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Teen smoking can cause damage and fatal diseases all for the reason of wanting to have fun. Smoking at a young age can cause damage to the brain and heart, from the chemicals and tobacco. It can destroy mental health, and taking advantage of losing that takes a lot for just wanting to please someone. All that is just going to cause a person to become unhappy because someone is going to be sick all the time, and that has been proven. Is it really worth having health problems like getting Pneumonia or Emphysema. Risking your life for a cigarette or a vape, it’s honestly not worth doing to yourself. Is it really worth having bad breath? It’s going to come to a point where someone can get gum diseases, and teeth will get yellow and start rotting. Not a personal opinion, but as an honest fact nobody wants to have the sight of seeing a teens teeth already rotting at a young age and same for gum diseases. All in all, causing damage to your body can do more than you think, mentally, socially, and physically; also diseases that can kill when not expecting it is very serious and should be taken into precaution for teens.

On the other hand, some people say teens smoking is fine and there’s nothing wrong with it. Their parents either don’t know that they’re teens are doing it, or they don’t care because they think everyone is doing the “trend.” Also lots of people think that it’s alright to smoke and that it won’t do much to your body. They don’t realize how much it actually hurts people’s body. That’s not true, smoking is not healthy and can do so many bad things to your body, that you wouldn’t even expect. Many teens don’t realize how bad their bodies can get damaged due to smoking. Just to sum up everything teen smoking is not ok, it’s going to bring an increase in more deaths.

All in all, teen smoking and banning would be good idea, there should be a certain age to be able to buy those products. As said before smoking kills brain cells and is killing many each and every day. Also smoking as a teen can cause damage to practically the whole body, and can cause multiple disease that can kill someone very easily. Just to conclude everything teens just want to look cool, little do they know that the majority of people don’t want to be around people who smoke or vape.

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