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Critical Evaluation On Teacher-Child Relationship And Its Effects On Academic Achievement And School Adjustment

INTRODUCTION Concerns related to children lacking the skills which is a requisite for success in early elementary school classrooms have moved forward in recent years. As the number of children facing difficulties in this setting has increased (Pianta, 2004) it has become crucial to facilitate early school success, for example pre-academic, social, and behavioral skills (Lyon, 2002). There is comprehensive compliance in the developmental history that early relationships with adults play a crucial role in child development. An emerging body...
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The Ways To Conquer Shyness

Shyness is a characteristic that annuls the freedom of many people. Yes, that’s right, unfortunately intellectually and even good-looking people are limited to emerge in the way they want because of the fear that causes them to speak to others. Social anxiety does not distinguish between genders or ages, who least expect it can be shy. The consequences of shyness generate emotional obstacles that deprive those who suffer to find a good job, stand out in the studies and even...
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Peculiarities Of Shyness As A Character Trait

Shyness is a universal phenomenon, an emotion that affects how a person feels and behaves around others. According to studies, shyness in an individual is a result from biological and environmental factors. Biologically, it was proven that shyness is genetically acquired and some people are born shy. It was identified that shy children showed up as early as two months. In one study, shy children reacted with signs of stress to stimuli on moving mobiles and tape recordings of human...
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How Does Shyness Stem Into Social Anxiety?

Shyness refers the quality or state of being shy. It’s synonyms are bashful, reserved, introversion, being timid, fearfulness, nervousness, hesitation and doubt. Having social anxiety however, refers to the intense fear of being judged or rejected within a social setting. Synonyms of anxiety are worry, concern, unease, angst, nervousness, stress, suspense, disquiet and fearfulness. So how does shyness relate and stem into social anxiety disorder? Shyness, on one hand, has many causes. It could be caused from biological differences in...
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How Martial Arts Can Help Your Child Overcome Shyness

Remember when you had your child? the thrill of joy that ran through you was inexplicable. One goal becomes apparent: To raise up the best child ever; physically strong, physiologically and mentally equipped to face the seemingly endless hurdles that life will eventually present to them, and to ultimately help them on their journey towards a fulfilled adulthood. However, for most of us, that dream gets tarnished – situation arises, either it is genetics, bullying at school, criticism, innate personality...
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