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Significance And Effects Of Academic Self-Efficacy

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Self-efficacy is about how one’s self controls or modulates his/her behavior towards on achieving goals. It is one’s beliefs about his abilities to do the task. This pertains to the confidence of an individual that he/she can succeed because of his or her motivations and self-esteem. It also deals with our ability to overcome phobias or fear. The product of our experiences, emotions, and observation is our self-efficacy. Albert Bandura originally developed that concept. (Hopper, 2019).

Academic performance is the students’ achievements measurement across various academic activities or subjects. Students achievements typically measured using grade point average (GPA), classroom performance, graduation rates and standardized tests result. (Williams, E., 2018)

Academic performance measured the students’ success, in educational institutions. It also measures how the standards set from an institution or local government are being meet. A person who possesses this sense of self-efficacy has the capability to assume that he or she can fulfill things positively despite of their failures or mistakes (Bell, 2018).

Meral, M. et. al. (2012), indicated that the students’ beliefs about the ability to specialize new skills and task academically is self-efficacy. It is said to be concerned with people’s stands about the capabilities to manage the actions and thoughts. In other words, the beliefs of an individuals in holding their abilities or outcome of their efforts influence in great ways how they will behave. It is the measure of control of one’s feelings, thoughts, or actions in a way of having a moderate or strong beliefs on their selves.

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On study of Cantrell, (2013), they discussed the “Patterns Of Self-efficacy Among College Students In Developmental Reading” , they examined first-year college students’ self-efficacy beliefs and its sources who’s taking developmental reading courses. This study found out that the personal and academic context of those students are lower compare to those who’s taking credit-bearing English course.

Another study from Abd-Elmotaleb and Saha (2013) entitled “The Role of Academic Self-efficacy as a Mediator Variable between Perceive Academic Climate and Academic Performance”, examines the mediating influence of academic self- efficacy on the link between academic climate and academic performance among the students of university. The perspective of which students with high sense of efficacy has the capacity to accept more challenging tasks, high ability to organize the time, increase persistence to face obstacles, show lower anxiety levels, show flexibility using various strategies of learning, and have a high ability in adapting different educational environments was understood..

On that finding, this study recommended that using counseling strategies, academic self-efficacy can be enhance. Also, using Multiple regression analysis, this shows that academic self-efficacy and the other variables has strong positive effect.

Furthermore, on the study of Huang C., (2013), entitled “Gender Differences in Academic Self-efficacy:A Meta-analysis”, found out that, females showed higher language arts self-efficacy than males. Meanwhile, males executed higher computer, mathematics and social sciences self-efficacy than females, and age also varied in the gender differences..

Another study of Honicke, T., and Broadbent, J. (2016), as they discussed the academic self-efficacy influences on academic performance of the students. It said there, that these are moderately correlated with each other. Several mediating and moderating factors were identified, including effort regulation, deep processing strategies and goal orientations. It indicates too that social cognitive theory is undoubtedly one of the most prominent theories which attempt to explain the processes of how an individual drives and regulates behavior.

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