Similarities And Differences Between Faiths In God

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Uncomfortable. When talking about religion things can get pretty awkward. Although most of us believe in God, we all see him differently. For example, my Mom’s boss is Jewish. She has to be careful when sending holiday cards for the company not to use Christmas trees or Christmas colors to respect her boss’s traditions. Christianity and Judaism are just two of the three monotheistic religions. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are the worlds leading prominent religions with over 19.7 billion followers all together. These three monotheistic religions dig down back to their roots with the story of Abraham, which ties them together. In Judaism, Abraham is the father of the covenant. In Christianity, God commanded Abraham to adjourn to the promised land in hopes of more offspring in which they would become great and powerful. Islam sees him as an ancestor through many other prophets and saints like Moses and Muhammad. These religions are also known as “Abrahamic”. While all three religions worship one god and were persecuted for their beliefs, they were isolated by their worship styles and the beliefs and traditions they have in God.

Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are like because they all worship one god. The Jews worship the god Yahweh, while Christians worship Jesus, and Muslims worship Allah. The immensely powerful Yahweh made a covenant with Abraham stating that he would make him the father of the people, but him and man kind must respect and obey God. In consideration God would fortify and protect all who believe in him. Jewish men are circumcised as a token of honor and a symbol of the covenant. The story of Jesus, who Christians worship, starts with the Virgin Mary. An angel appeared to Mary and told her she was going to have a baby and his name was to be Jesus. He was to take the thrown of David and become the “God Of The Most High”. Jesus grew up to be a great healer and teacher. He claimed to be God and that could forgive sin. For those who confessed that he is the Lord, he would give them ever lasting life with him when they die. He was crucified on the cross because many were against him and his teachings which challenged the Jewish law. On the third day after Jesus died, Christians believed that he rose from the dead and appeared to his disciples. Abraham is recognized as a prophet in Islam. Abraham was very assiduous and achieved all of the tasks and trials that God put him through. As a reward, he was nurtured and cared for by God. His robust faith in God payed off well, and God promised Abraham the power to lead all the nations of the world. Abraham settled in different areas of the Arabian Peninsula, and promised his children that they would become the fathers of a new nation.

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All three religions suffered a substantial amount of persecution for their beliefs. In 66 AD, the Jews rebelled against their Roman masters. Rome became furious and and led an army to harass and assault Jerusalem. They burned and smashed the temple which the Jews pray at and left everything in complete destruction. The Romans slaughtered the Jews in great triumph which left all of Jerusalem in a giant devastation. Jesus was persecuted because the government saw him as a threat to their political power. The Jews did not believe Jesus was their Messih. He was put on trial and was accused of being an anti-government rebel. Government soldiers took Jesus away to be stripped down and stuck a crown of thorns on his head. They spit on him and mocked him. After the trial, he was beaten and whipped until he could no longer feel the bones in his body. He was nailed to a cross in which blood oozed out of his wrists and feet. He was left to perish. Some grieved while others laughed and mocked. Like the persecution Christians face today, Muslims were often subjected to persecution and abuse. In the early Mecca days, the prophet, Muhammad, was praying near the Kaaba, when an unbeliever threw the innards of a camel over him. Another man would continuously dump filth and mud outside of his house, along with thorns in his pathway. Muslims were attacked and taken to the desert during midday and have a large, heavy rock placed on their chest. They would have to swear to pray to the polytheistic gods.

These monotheistic religions are very different from one another because of their worship styles. The Jews worship at a synagogue from Friday night to Saturday morning. This is known as the Sabbath, which is ushered by lighting candles and reciting blessings to one another. Jews are expected to reclaim three prayers each day. The Christian day of worship is Sunday in which they worship at church and hold services throughout the day. Sunday is observed as the weekly memorial of Jesus’s resurrection, which is called “The Lords Day”. Like Jews, Muslims worship on Fridays. They worship outside of the Kaaba, in which every special prayer represents the superiority of each individual. Muslims believe that God looks at heart and not deeds. The concept of prayer in Islam encourages humanity to connect and create a strong bond with God. God revealed holy scriptures about the teachings and knowledge of himself, which Muslims use to worship.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all have different beliefs and traditions in God. The Jews believe in obeying the laws from the covenant. Orthodox Jews don’t eat meat and milk products together, and they follow the teachings of the Hebrew Bible. Reform Jews are less harsh and believe that following the spirit of the Covenant is more important than following the specific rules set out. Christians have faith in Jesus’s resurrection, and that it saves one from sins. If they believe in the Lord, they get eternal life in Heaven. The Islamic beliefs are stern. Many fast, especially on special occasions. Water is spiritual and represents purification over the body before prayer. Many travel to holy sites to seek forgiveness and to the strengthen their connection with God, which is called pilgrimage.

These religions have many similarities such as all believing in one god. The Jews worship Yahweh, Christians worship Jesus, and Muslims worship Allah. Persecution played a major role such as the Romans demolishing the Jewish temple. They are different because of worship days. For example, Jews and Muslims worship Friday, while Christians worship Sunday. Their beliefs and traditions are so differentiated from one another. Christians have a relaxed faith, while Muslims have a very stern religion. While all three religions worship one god and were persecuted for their beliefs, they were isolated by their worship styles and the beliefs and traditions they have in God. No matter who we and what we believe in, we all see God in different ways.

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