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Similarities between D-day and Pearl Harbor: Analytical Essay

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There are similarities between D-day and pearl harbor one of the main similarities was that they were both surprise attacks on countries which meant both of the defender countries had very little to no preparation to fight against the attackers. Pearl harbor was an ambush on the American navy and D-day was a surprise attack on the Nazi-occupied Part of France. Another similarity between these invasions were that the attackers had to cross the water to attack. In pearl harbor the Japanese attackers had to go across the Pacific Ocean and in D-day the troops had to cross the bay of Seine to reach France. In Germany the Nazis were expecting an attack led by the allied forces but they were unsure of the location of the invasion. The German were also thrown off from Normandy as the allied powers were giving out hints of an attack on purpose to the Axis powers. In the major WW2 event, pearl Harbor Japan bombed the United Stated Naval base as they expected the United States to enter the war with a crippled navy which meant they were not as big of a threat as they were before. Both events had the element of surprise which is one of the reasons that the ambushes were successful and met their goals. This also meant that the defenders were unprepared for battle making it easier for the attacker to win. The significance of these surprise attacks was the damage they would cause which eventually will make it easier to win the war.

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Another similarity between these events was that they were both tuning points in World War 2. Both the D-day and pearl harbor were events that took place during WW2 to help the allies to win the war as due to the Japanese bombings of the American naval base also called pearl harbor America, the biggest force joined the war to help the allies making it harder for The Axis powers as American had the biggest army and they also supplied the Allied forces with ammunition, troops and other resources needed. America entering the war was the biggest turning point of WW2 as this out the Axis powers under pressure. This eventually led to the defeat of Axis powers and the end of was as the United Stated dropped 2 Atomic Bombs on Japan. The Ambush on the beaches of Normandy is also known as D-day was one of the biggest events that happen in World War 2. During operation OVERLORD the Allies were able to gain more ground and depleted the Nazis of their resources pushing them back which liberated France. This meant that Germany lost the war on 2 fronts and this was the most significant victory of the Allied Powers in World War 2. The allied powers’ combined their troops and their resources to finally end the war. Both events helped pushed towards the victory of the Allied powers as the attack on pearl harbor made the strongest army in the world join the Allied powers. The attack on Normandy helped the Allied forces as they were able to gain ground and liberate France pushing the Nazis back and influenced them into a stalemate.

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