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Single Parenting And Social Media

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Social media is great tool of intervening and solving so many social problems that are curbing the society. It does not just limit to social problems but it cuts across so many societal problems that seem to be taking a toll on humanity. In this social media would be the best tool for addressing the issue of single parenting. It is a great way of immensely impacting positivity on the issue and also creating awareness on the same problem. All social media platforms are just as good in creating positive information about single parenting and also notifying the society that it is a big problem that is eating our society so that we can find ways to deal with it.

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Single parenting is a massive social problem that is affecting more women in our society today. The percentage of single mothers is constantly elevating to higher levels and the solution to this seems not to be working. Single parenting is where one parent of a child is forced to take full responsibility because of the absence of the other parent. It can be caused by different reasons like the death of one partner, but in this case study, the focus is on the partners deliberately not wanting to be present. It affects both male and female in the society but it is crystal clear that women fall under this curse more than men. There is a great need to address this issue because in the end, single parenting pose so many disadvantages on both the parent and the child that is involved. It is a problem that if left alone, will cause even more damage to the society.

There are so many diverse ways of intervention to get to a solution for this problem. Creating awareness trough congresses and summits is something that could work perfectly as the target market will be both the male and female. Creating awareness on contraceptives for young men and women is one of the greatest ideas on how to cub single parenting. This problem is majorly affecting the young adults between the ages of 19 to 28 years. During this age, most people engage in unprotected sex but are not ready to take responsibility when the consequences arise from their actions. If this is addressed then the future of curbing single parenting will be bright since the root cause of the problem will be emitted. Using social media platforms or creation of such kind of information is the future of finding a solution.

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