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Skills And Responsibilities Of Pharmacist

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Pharmacist was an expert in medicine and their side effect. Basically they can mix medicine by themselves. Although their can mix medicine by themselves, they still need an advice or from the doctor. So they could gave the best medicine to patient. When yo’re became a pharmacist, the first thing that you need to learn was chemistry. So basically, chemistry was the basic of pharmacist. If a pharmacist didn’t know about chemistry, they wouldn’t know the differences of many type of medicine. They also didn’t know about the side effect from different chemnical compotition. They also need to gave the best medicine to the patient (Asia Bell, 2012).

Although pharmacist was an expert, they also can do a mistake. If a pharmacist gave you a wrong medicine, you need to tell them that they gave you a wrong medicine. But, if you already use the medicine, you need to go to the doctor for further information and how to fix it. (Consumer Safety, 2017). Beside knowledge of chemistry, they also need knowledge about biology. For example, when they need to make monoclonal antibody. Antibody is a protein that produce from our immune system. When they make vaccination, there is gen insolation and we could found microbes (Suharyanto, 2012)

We also need another skill to become a pharmacist. Such as high level memory and communicating skill. Why we need high level memory skill? Because, a pharmacist need to memorize different type of medicine with different chemical substance. They also need communication skill so they can easily communicate with old people, adult, even kid. (Irmania Gultom, 2017).

Pharmacist also improve our life quality. They are widely accessible professional. They also assure the best outcomes for patients and serve a fundamental part for the medical fields. In a fact, 90% of americans live within just 2 miles away from professional pharmacist. It means, we could easily to get medicine (Pharmacy4me, 2018).

If pharmacist are vanish from this world, in my opinion, the medicine price will unaffordable because just doctor who could gave the medicine. Many people who can’t afford the medicine would die. To occur sick become tougher because only doctor who could gave you the medicine. A lot of new disease will happen and kill many people.

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How to become a pharmacist? To become a pharmacist, you must have a doctor of pharmacy degree from a pharmacy program. They must also be licensed, which requires passing licensure and law exams (CollegeGrad, 2019). After finished doctor of pharmacy degree, we need to complete one until two year of residency. After completing two years residency, you will got additional training such as internal medicine and geriatric care (Truity, 2019).

Pay for pharmacists varies depending on their experience and level of responsibility.

  • Pharmacy interns (graduates completing their registration year) usually earn $45,000 a year.
  • Pharmacists with one to five years’ experience can earn $50,000 to $75,000.
  • Charge pharmacists (who manage a pharmacy) and pharmacists with more than five years experience can earn between $75,000 and $105,000 (The Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand, 2017).

Job that related to pharmacist :

  • Chemist : Use their finding to develop something new.
  • Dispensing Optician : interpret prescriptions from optometrists and ophthalmologists (eye specialists) for glasses or contact lenses, sell customers suitable frames and lens systems, and fit and assemble glasses.
  • Pharmacy Technician : help pharmacists to prepare and give out medicines.


Despite of the pharmacist got a good amount of salary in a motnh, there are plenty of risk that their facing. They also need to memorize plenty of medicine and their side effect. They also need to guatantee risk if they made a mistake to their patient, for example if they gave them the wrong medicine whats should they do. Because of 1 mistake, their reputation can be bad. But, if this job vanished, we will hard to get medicine to cure our illness. Plenty of sick people will die because of amount o doctor is unlimited, the price of the medicine is unaffordable, it will made a chaos situation that each people would fight for their live.


So, all of job in this world are important. If one of the job vanished, it will make job in this world unstable. Also make a chaos situation that in this liove we can’t cure or solve problem. So, pharmacist not only a person who want to have a lot of money. But, it helps a lot of people to cure or prevent illness.

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