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Skills Development In Case Studies And How The Scheme Benefits Companies And Its Employees

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I am going to be carrying out a research on one of the most important aspect that affects both the companies and its employees. The successful companies these days are mostly interested in what skills all the potential employees possess. They also put most of their focus on how they can better the skills of those whom they currently employ. This is really important to these companies because smooth operations mean better or improved profits. A company with a skilled workforce has an advantage of saving a lot of resources compared to a company which has no interest what so ever to put more attention on how skilled its employees are or even to further develop the skills of those employees who they currently have. In this research, I am going to be focusing on how a successful company benefits from skills development schemes and also how the employees benefit from this.

I am currently study a Mechanical Engineering course and I have hopes to graduate and work for a big successful company afterwards. This research will help me figure out what exactly I may need to achieve my goals. What I need to do to archive the necessary requirements for my future career. The necessary skills and also how the companies would be able to help me go further with these goals.

This is a research where I will be looking at a company based in the Great Britain that specialises in the engineering industry to enhance my knowledge on what graduate and career development opportunities are on offer for me. My focus will mainly be on what I need to do in order to prepare and increase my chances of getting a permanent graduate position within the company. It is important for me to know these things because that gives me time to start working towards that from now onwards. This means that by the time I finish university that will be a step closer to my goal. The approach that I am going to use to gather this information will be carrying out a research on a number of websites, searching for their recruitment ads and also to watch their YouTube ads, which link to their recruitment process. I have taken this opportunity to do a research on the company that I would love to work for and this would be BMW GROUP within the MINI Plant based in Oxford, UK. This company is well known in the automotive industry. BMW offers a variety of career opportunities that includes apprenticeships, graduate schemes and internships. Internships are a great deal to this company because they offer the employer a chance to assess or monitor the skill set of the candidates and to know where improvement is needed and also to get an idea of how they can adapt the candidates to the company’s team. This also enables the employers to choose who they want to give that permanent position in the end. This company is in an attempt to take anyone who has the knowledge in terms of academic studies – university, also the experience or rather the right skill set. The employers will also benefit from having to pay more for extra pairs of hands that they would have hired if they had ruled out recruiting through the process of internships. This is mutually beneficial to both the employer and the intern since the interns are also gaining that experience which is more important to most employers. The BMW GROUP is known for paying a lot of attention on their recruitment process since that is where they root out the skills that are important to them.



BMW GROUP is a very big and successful organisation which makes millions of pounds (£) annually. The big companies are always trying to come up with strategies which help them save a lot of money annually. The more they save the more the get to keep as profit and every business I know is striving to make some sort of profit no matter how small. BMW GROUP has invested in their recruitment processes which are based on very strict guidelines and requirements. They recruit people through various ways. I am going to be focusing on three of those processes which are Apprenticeships, Internships and the Graduate scheme.

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BMW GROUP is one of the well successful companies that use this scheme. It uses this as an opportunity for talented young people to kick start their career. The company has a number of training centres which specialises in different skills required for specific programmes. They have appointed experienced trainers to educate their apprentices. In order to qualify for an apprenticeship position with the BMW GROUP they will look at your academic achievements. They normally require three GCSE’s with a B or better in Maths and English. New apprentices are sent to Plas Menai National Watersports Centre in Wales were they carry out their induction process. This gives the apprentices an opportunity to make friends and to know each other as well as an introduction to what their work environment would be like. This improves skills because people get to share their skills and learn new skills which will be handy in their day to day life both inside and outside the work place. The Apprenticeships within the BMW GROUP falls into Motor Vehicle Technician Apprenticeship, Aftersales Customer Service Apprenticeship, Body shop Apprenticeship, Motorcycle Apprenticeship and a Genius Trainee Programme. The courses run from one to for years and there is always a qualification and a skill set at the end.


An Internship is an opportunity for undergraduate students to have a test or to gain an experience of what the work environment is going to be when they kick starts their career. The company offers this Internship scheme depending on what one is studying for at the university. This is very beneficial to both the BMW GROUP (in this case) and the Intern because while the Intern get to experience what the real life hands on work environment is going to be like, they are also developing the necessary skills required by the company offering this internship in question. The company in return benefits an opportunity to root out their future employees so that once they graduate the company would have a job offer already waiting for the Intern to become a full time member of their team. The BMW GROUP offers these opportunities mostly to third year students. This helps these students to further their knowledge of how the company works. This is grouped into four categories namely business, technology corporate culture and processes. This company’s placements have duration of between six to twelve months. The Interns are required to be target a 2:1 or a 1st class degree on their course.

Graduate Programmes

These are programmes offered to newly qualified graduates. The opportunities to join the company on a graduate basis have more rewards to both the company and the employee. Skills development training will be readily available to the new employ in order to help them cope with their daily place of work. Assignments will be given to these graduates so that they can carry out researches depending on the graduate programme that one will be enrolled on. This scheme can allow one to work internationally since the research will be broad across different departments. In addition to these assignments to carry out, team building training, brand academy and personal impact training will be provided. There are various departments that one can end up in namely Engineering, Manufacturing, Logistics and Finance.

The BMW GROUP has put a lot focus on how they can develop skills of its employees in various ways. They have spent money building quite a number of training centres and assessment centres. These are the places that they use for skill development. They use the top class experienced trainers so that all of the transferable skills are on offer to the company’s employees. This helps the company to save a lot on resources while at the same time producing the top quality product from the well skilled group. Team members working together to produce more profit which benefits the company and its employees cannot be faulted.

In my third year at this university, I am going to apply for an Internship at one of the BMW GROUP branches so that I can experience how it feels working for the company in real life. This will be a step in the positive direction of kick starting my career within the BMW GROUP.

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