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Sleep Issues among College Students

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Sleep is an important physiological need that every human beings and animals have, to keep the mind and body working well. We, the human, spent at least one in third of our lifetime sleeping. Research suggests and it is also well-known that sleeping plays a critical role in restoring our strength physically and mentally, and is closely related to our consciousness, memory and emotions. Studies through the decades have found that having good sleep or bad sleep will lead to a range of physical and mental diseases. Sleeping issues like insomnia, sleep deprivation and sleep apnea, have been harming us for a long time, which has negative effects to our physical and mental health as well as our life quality and satisfaction. As more and more people are now suffering from sleep problems, it triggers people’s attention on the issue of sleep. As we all know, sleep has huge impacts on our well-being. According to studies, numbers of people who used their brain a lot or are often engaged in brain activities have had sleeping problems and are also suffering from s lot of physical conditions led by poor sleep. Sleep issues are harming our health, affecting our daily life and lowering our quality of life.

College is the time that students used to learn their skills and broaden networks for future success in this competitive society and world. Busy and stressful learning and complicated social relationships push a lot of pressure on modern day college students, which significantly affects students’ sleep quality, pushing students to the edge of both physical and psychological collapse. The lack of qualitied sleep is linked to students’ poor academic performance, poor health and poor mental state. A lot of surveys and research conducted by noted organizations such as World Health Organization (WHO) and World Federation of Sleep Research Societies (WFSRS) found that huge numbers of university students today have sleeping problems such as insomnia, sleep deprivation, sleep apnea and other sleep issues.

Sleep disorder is such a huge problem today and needs to be address. It is important to figure out how to improve the sleep time and quality among our quality and the entire human beings. Studies are needed to examine the factors that contribute to the poor quality of sleep of students as we try to bring students good nights of sleep. So what actually leads to the students’ lack of sleep and lower sleep quality? Is it related to what grade the students are in? How does the grade level of students affect their sleep?

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Students in different grade have different qualities of sleep. As daily noticed, freshman and juniors in the University of Washington are generally having better quality of sleep than sophomore and senior UW students. Sophomore and senior students seem to be busier and are always tired and willing to rest.

I operationalized the construct of “workload” By sending out questionnaire to random students at University of Washington and collecting the information like what grade they are in and how many homework do they get or how busy are they. The independent variable is the grade level and the dependent variables are workload and hours of sleep. I operationalized the construct of “health” by sending out questionnaire to random students at UW campus and collecting the information like the average hours slept per day. The independent variable is the grade level and the dependent variable is the average hours of sleep. I operationalized the construct of “sleep quality” by sending out questionnaire to random students at UW and collecting the information like how often they encounter any kind of sleep issues, and what sleep issues they often have. we split the answers from students into four groups, freshman, sophomore, junior and senior, and compare their average time of sleep per day and the chances/frequency of them having sleeping problems, to examine the sleep quality of students in different levels.

By knowing students in what level might have better sleep quality than students in other levels, we will be able to start figuring out why are freshman & junior students have higher quality of sleep than the others. My hypothesis is that freshman and juniors will have significantly more hours of sleep relative to sophomores and seniors. I also hypothesize that freshman and juniors will have better quality sleep than sophomores and seniors.

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