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Essay on the Issues of Smallpox: General Overview and Influence on the World

Yearly we are told to go receive our annual flu shot, and when we are cut by metal or bitten by a dog we are sent to get a tetanus shot or a rabies shot. When you are born you are given a vaccination for Hepatitis B, but what evoked the idea of such practices? Vaccines were created to help fight viruses, also known as viral diseases that attack the human body. Viruses are very complicated parasites and they are...
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Analytical Essay on the Global Eradication of Smallpox

A vaccine is defined as a harmless derivative of a pathogen that triggers the body’s immune system response to act against the harmful pathogen. The history of the development of modern vaccines stems from the ground-breaking research undertaken by Edward Jenner, now more famously known as the father of immunology. His revolutionary and pivotal discovery of the smallpox vaccination laid the foundations for modern-day medicine practices. He pioneered the movement of inoculation as a preventive measure for rampant maladies saving...
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Taking Steps to Eradicate Smallpox: Historical Analysis

Introduction: Smallpox is a disease that attacks the skin cells, spleen, bone marrow, and lymph nodes and causes rashes, vomiting, and high fever. It is also an airborne disease which makes it especially dangerous because they tend to spread easily through coughing, sneezing, and other methods of contact with bodily fluids. 30% of infected people died within the first two weeks of having the infection. Smallpox is the only disease in the world that has been successfully eradicated. According to...
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Antivaccination Culture: Analytical Essay on Smallpox Vaccination

Thesis: The opposition to vaccination was cultural and built upon societal value in money which resulted in the spread of mass religious hysteria, propaganda, and falsified data. Smallpox is a disease where small blisters pop up on the face, arms, and body. These then fill up with pus and customs develop a rash. It’s a deadly disease. Vaccinations and the anti-vaccination movement go hand in hand with the rise and eradication of Smallpox. During the 15th and 16th, Century Smallpox...
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Impact of Case Studies on Public Image of Science in Relation to the Development of the Smallpox Disease

Cowpox Cowpox is an infectious disease caused by the cowpox virus, closely related to the vaccinia virus (, 2019). This disease is transferable between species as can be seen by dairymaids who touched the udders of infected cows and consequently developed pustules on their hands (, 2019). This disease is very similar to the deadly smallpox disease as it has close mild resemblance in the observation of dairy maids. Figure 1 depicts the pustules on a cow’s udder and it...
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Review of Seth Mnookin's 'The Panic Virus: A True Story of Medicine, Science, and Fear'

‘The Panic Virus: A True Story of Medicine, Science, and Fear’ by Seth Mnookin, published in January 2011. Seth Mnookin is an American writer, journalist, and media reporter for Undark Magazine’s podcast and contributing editor at Vanity Fair. Mnookin is the author of three books with a non-fiction genre, and one of these books is The Panic Virus. The book holds 24 chapters that talk about different ideas, yet they are all linked to vaccines and media somehow. Mnookin unravels...
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The Age of Exploration: Doctors, Diseases and Cures

Disease was often imported and exported through trade and traveling. European exploration also infected nations in the New World with disease, smallpox, influenza, and measles which infected many natives. Many Europeans gave diseases to the Americas. In the time frame of the Age of Exploration, people understood little about disease before the invention of the microscope. Spanish did not know that they carried a contagious disease like smallpox and their bodies. The Aztec called the smallpox plague ‘totomonjztli’ and wrote...
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